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PhD alumni


Dr. Issac Levi Osuoka
Privatising Dissent: The State, Civil Society, and Community Resistance in Nigeria’s Niger Delta
Dr. Emily. F Porth
How to See Differently: Social Inclusion and the Displayed Bodies of Dead Beings in British Museums
(Supervisor: Dr. Leesa Fawcett)
Dr. Teresa Abrruzzese
The Contested Production of Amusement in Southern Italy: Transgression through Rituals
(Supervisor: Dr. Liette Gilbert)


Dr. Duncan Scott Campbell
Unsettled: Discourse, Practice, Context and Collective Identity among Mad People in the United States, 1970-1999
(Supervisor: Dr. Geoffrey Réaume)
Dr. Heather McLean
Performing the Competitive Creative City: L'Oreal Luminato
(Supervisor: Dr. Barbara Rahder)


Dr. Tanya Chung Tiam Fook
Sustaining Indigenous Lifeways through Collaborative and Community-led Wildlife Conservation in the North Rupununi, Guyana
(Supervisor: Dr. Leesa Fawcett)
Dr. Richard Fehr
Who has Traded Cash for Creation? Approaching an Anishinaabeg Informed Environmental History on Bkejwanong Territory
(Supervisor: Dr. Joe Sheridan and Dr. David McNab)
Dr. Alfred Metallic
Reclaiming Mi’gmaq History and Politics: Living our Responsibilities, Ta’n Teliangweiasu ‘ltigw Gespe’gawa ‘qi
(Supervisor: Dr. Anders Sandberg)
Dr. Roxana Salehi
Access to sexual health information and services for newcomer youth
(Supervisor: Dr. Sarah Flicker)
Dr. Gavan Watson
Assembling the Bird(er): Multiple Acts of Birding
(Supervisor: Dr. Leesa Fawcett)


Dr. Janet Fishlock
But the White Man Peeked: Impacts, Opportunities and Dilemmas within Social Development and Private Sector Cooperation in the International Mining Sector in Sub-Saharan Africa
(Supervisor: Dr. Ellie Perkins)


Dr. Lauren Baker
Emerging Biocultural Agrifood Relations: Local Maize Networks in Mexico
(Supervisor: Dr. Deborah Barndt)
Dr. Bruce Erickson
Canoe Nation: Race and Gender in the Making of a National Icon
(Supervisor: Dr. Cate Sandilands)


Dr. Richard Oddie
Alternative Routes, New Pathways: Development, Democracy and the Political Ecology of Transportation in Hamilton, Ontario
(Supervisor: Dr. Liette Gilbert)
Dr. Catherine Phillips
Saving More than Seeds: Natures, Technology and Politics with/in Seed Saving
(Supervisor: Dr. Liette Gilbert)
Dr. Stephanie Rutherford
Manufacturing the Wild: Nature, Power and Green Governmentality
(Supervisor: Dr. Gerda R. Wekerle)
Dr. Megan Salhus
Resistance and Conformity: The Dialectic of Urban Co-housing
(Supervisor: Dr. Cate Sandilands)
Dr. Jocelyn Thorpe
Temagami’s Tangled Wild: Race, Gender and the making of Canadian Nature
(Supervisor: Dr. L. Anders Sandberg)
Dr. Suna Bayrakal
Canadian Environmental Policy and Technology Change: Air Pollution and the Automobile
(Supervisor: Dr. Liora Salter)


Dr. Pablo S. Bose
Towards a Global City of Joy: Transnational Practices and Peri-Urban Transformations in Contemporary Kolkata
(Supervisor: Dr. Peter Penz)
Dr. Susannah Bunce
Gentrifying Sustainability: Policy, Planning, and the Development of Sustainability on Toronto's Central Waterfront
(Supervisor: Dr. Gene Desfor)
Dr. Jenny Kerber
Apotheosis of Fecundity, Empire of Dust: Reading the Prairie Ecocritically
(Supervisor: Dr. Cate Sandilands)
Dr. Tim Leduc
Myth of Climate Change to Mything Climate Change
(Supervisor: Dr. Raymond Rogers)
Dr. Roronhiakewen Dan Longboat
Owehna’shon:a (The Islands) The Haudenosuanee Archipelago: The Nature and Necessity of Bio-Cultural Restoration and Revitalisation
(Supervisor: Dr. Raymond Rogers)
Dr. Leela Viswanathan
Postcolonial Planning: The Alternative Planning Group and the Transformation of Social Planning in Toronto at the Turn of the 21st Century
(Supervisor: Dr. Barbara Rahder)
Dr. Traci Warkentin
Captive Imaginations: Affordances for Ethics, Agency and Knowledge Making in Whale-Human Encounters
(Supervisor: Dr. Leesa Fawcett)
Dr. Douglas Young
Rebuilding the Modern: City After Modernism in Toronto and Berlin
(Supervisor: Dr. Roger Keil)


Dr. Jennifer Foster
The Social Construction of Landscape Continuity on the Niagara Escarpment and Oak Ridges Moraine: Whose Continuity? Whose Landscape?
(Supervisor: Dr. L. Anders Sandberg)
Dr. Nicholas Garside
Feral Citizens, Democratic Ideals and the Politicization of Nature
(Supervisor: Dr. Cate Sandilands)
Dr. Cheryl Lousley
Subject/Matter: Environmental Thought and Contemporary Literature in English in Canada
(Supervisor: Dr. Mora Campbell)


Dr. Bipasha Baruah
A Study of Challenges and Opportunities in Land and Property Ownership for Urban Self-Employed Indian Women in the City of Ahmedabad, Gujarat
(Supervisor: Dr. Bonnie Kettel)
Dr. Colin Chambers
The Implications of Globalization on the Environmental Regulation of Mining: The Case of Junior Mining in Canada
(Supervisor: Dr. Liora Salter)


Dr. Peter Andrée
The Global Politics of Agricultural Biotechnology and the Environment: Canada and the Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety
(Supervisor: Dr. Cate Sandilands)
Dr. John Sandlos
Northern Wildlife, Northern People: Native Hunters and Wildlife Conservation in the Northwest Territories, 1894-1970
(Supervisor: Dr. L. Anders Sandberg)
Dr. Lenore Newman
The Tangled Garden: Complex Adaptive Systems and Sustainability
(Supervisor: Dr. David Morley)


Dr. Carole Leclair
Metis Environmental Knowledge: La tayr Pi Tout Li Moond
(Supervisor: Dr. Peter Homenuck)
Dr. Richard Milgrom
Sustaining Diversity: Participatory Design and the Production of Urban Space
(Supervisor: Dr. Barbara Rahder)
Dr. Rita Lindayati
Ideas and Policy Change: Indonesia’s Locally-Based Forest Management Policy
(Supervisor: Dr. William Found)
Dr. Mark Meisner
The Symbolic Domestication of Nature: Environmental Discourse and Ideology in the Mainstream Media Landscape
(Supervisor: Dr. Fred Fletcher)