Top 6 Ways to Get Involved

No matter how long you have been away or how far you have traveled, the Faculty of Environmental Studies wants to keep in touch with you and help connect you to your fellow alumni.

Update Your Contact Information
From campus events like film screenings and lectures to alumni gatherings all over the world – if York University doesn’t know where you are and how to contact you, you’ll never get an invite. Please update your contact information.
Offer an Internship Opportunity - Environmental Studies Internship Program
If you can hire an intern, we will assist you every step of the way. From posting the position, to suggestions of candidates and interview scheduling, FES can help as much (or little) as you like. Your organization may even be eligible for $3000 of funding through the Ontario co-operative Education Tax Credit.
Join the MES-York Planning or Las Nubes Alumni Chapter
The MES York Planning Alumni Committee (MYPAC) hosts a popular annual social, raises money for student initiatives and presents a popular speaking series. The Las Nubes Alumni Chapter fosters educational, environmental, and social change at York University and throughout the Las Nubes international community. Both chapters provide mentorship, social networking, and professional development opportunities for alumni and students alike.
Participate in the Anita McBride Alumni Mentoring Luncheon
One of the most anticipated FES events on the calendar, the Anita McBride Luncheon is an annual networking event where MES alumni meet the incoming class. Featured alumni panelists recount their experiences in the program and discuss how the faculty made an impact on their career. More alumni mix and mingle with the students over lunch.
Volunteer at Recruitment Events
Our alumni are our most effective ambassadors. You could participate at the FES booth alongside FES faculty, staff and students at Spring Open House, Fall Campus Day or the Ontario Universities Fair among others.
Give back to FES
New student scholarships, environmental research and academic positions have all been made possible by generous alumni like yourself. Consider a one time or recurring gift to support initiatives that made a difference to your time at York. Organizing a third party fundraiser, like a silent auction or a golf tournament could be a way to amplify your commitment to an FES cause.

If you would like to be engaged with FES, contact our Alumni Officer.