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Our alumni play a vital role both in the Faculty and beyond, working as environmental educators, urban planners, lawyers, activists, research analysts, social advocates and more – see our alumni profiles for only a few examples!

Graduate Profiles

Award Winning Graduates

Bruce Lourie (MES ’87) - The Outstanding Achievement Award

For nearly 20 years, Bruce Lourie has set himself apart as one of Canada’s
pioneering leaders in the environmental sector, collaborating with
businesses, NGOs and governments to solve issues relating to green energy,
conservation, philanthropy and environmental hazards.

Lourie is president of the Ivey Foundation, a private charitable
foundation in Canada, and a director of the Independent Electricity System
Operator. He is also director of Philanthropic Foundations Canada and
Canadians for Clean Prosperity. Lourie founded a number of for-profit and
non-profit organizations including The Summerhill Group, the
Sustainability Network and the Canadian Environmental Grantmakers’

Bruce Lourie
Farouk Jiwa (MES '03) - The One-to-Watch Bryden Award

Farouk is currently Senior Manager at CARE Enterprise Partners, a recently established division of CARE Canada that seeks to apply innovative, market-based approaches to poverty reduction in the developing world. He is also the Co-founder and Director of Honey Care Africa, an innovative social enterprise promoting sustainable community-based beekeeping across East Africa.

Farouk Jiwa
Karen Kraft Sloan (MES '90) - The Pinnacle Achievement Bryden Award

Karen is one of our nation's most passionate environmentalists whose work has shaped nationa policy and inspired Canadians. During her 11 year tenure as a Liberal Member of Parliament she served two terms as Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of the Environment, was Vice-Chair of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Environment and Sustainable Development for seven years and played an important role in former Prime Minister Jean Chrétien's decision to sign the Kyoto Accord. During this time, environmental NGOs across Canada considered her one of "The Three" — a group of three Liberal MPs who championed environmental issues in Canada.

Karen Kraft Sloan
Jennifer Corriero (BA '03, MES '06) - The One-to-Watch Bryden Award

Jennifer is an innovative leader who has forged her own unique path to success as the co-founder and Executive Director of TakingITGlobal (TIG), one of the world's most successful online international development organizations for youth. TIG has active members in over 200 countries, is available in 12 languages, receives over 1.4 million hits every day and has received many awards around the world.

Jennifer Corriero

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