Bachelor in Environmental Studies

The Faculty of Environmental Studies (FES) at York University offers a unique and dynamic Bachelor degree to students interested in making positive change in our world. The Bachelor in Environmental Studies (BES) program can be pursued as a 4 year Specialized Honours degree or as a 3 year Bachelor degree; both providing students with research opportunities and employable skills to launch successful careers in the growing green economy.

In the BES program, we will challenge you to achieve a holistic and comprehensive understanding of the environment. Exploring natural, social, artistic, urban and built environments, our program will help you understand how seemingly different issues are actually connected. The BES program is designed to equip students with the knowledge, critical understanding and skills to be involved with real solutions to complex environmental and social challenges arising at local and/or global levels.

In FES, we are a close-knit, student-centered community dedicated to inspiring active learners and engaged citizens. We extend the boundaries of the classroom by offering you many opportunities for experiential learning throughout your studies, studying for a term at our very own EcoCampus in Costa Rica, working in our 3 community gardens (including Maloca Gardens), earning credits in the Summer while completing a work placement with our own BES Placement program, studying or working abroad with York University’s Go Global International Exchange program and going on field trips in many of your BES classes. As a BES student, you will be able to enhance your passion for environmental well-being and social justice, develop academic knowledge through close interaction with our outstanding professors, and realize your professional goals.

We encourage you to explore each stage of the BES program to learn more about this unique, dynamic and self-driven degree.

If you have any questions regarding the BES program or our admissions process, please contact us at or 416-736-5252.