Environmental Politics, Justice and Arts

How do we change the world? How do we construct a just society in creative ways? This Area focuses on facing today’s environmental challenges through politics, art, philosophy, education and media. You will examine the relationships between humans and environments using literary texts, digital images, pop art and performance. Study how environmental inequalities arise, including class, indigenous, racial and gender dimensions. Learn methods for researching environmental justice issues, and strategies for addressing them both locally and globally. Develop analytical, artistic, writing, collaborative and presentation skills to envision and realize a better environmental future.

Sample topics include:

  • environmental racism and justice movements
  • environmental ethics; digital art and the environment
  • environmental education
  • human-animal relations
  • environmental literature
  • indigenous sovereignty
  • human and gender rights
  • technology, science and politics
  • culture and global media
  • sustainable development
  • the political economy of international development
  • health equity; climate justice
  • sexuality and gender-based activism

Required courses:

Six credits at the 3000 level from the following list:

Eighteen credits at the 4000-level from the following list: