BES Areas of Concentration

After your first year in the BES program, you will have enough knowledge of and insight into environmental and social issues to choose your own direction and design a program that meets your academic interests and your future career goals. We have established an array of options within our program that respond to the key areas of opportunity in the environmental sector.

Since 2010, careers in the environmental sector have been rapidly expanding – more organizations are hiring more environmental professionals than ever before. Over 460,000 organizations in Canada are hiring environmental professions to create sustainable, responsible and equitable change in their companies and organizations (Source: Our 5400 graduates are leaders in this change, working locally and globally, at all levels of industry and in diverse community organizations.

Whether you have a passion for working in the private or public sector, continuing your education at the graduate level, or even creating your own responsible and sustainable company, your BES degree and its specialized Areas of Concentration will provide you with the insights, knowledge and skills you will need to land a successful and dynamic career.

Customize your BES degree with our Areas of Concentration

Choosing an area of concentration is required with your BES degree. In Year 2, you will enrol and complete the three area of concentration foundation courses listed below to gain further insight into the concentration you are interested in pursuing  before officially declaring the area by the start of Year 3. This will allow you the opportunity to work with our student success team and your professors to decide which area is best suited for your individual interests. Each area provides students with unique perspectives and advanced skills to assist you in making your BES degree your very own unique program.

Environmental Politics, Justice and Arts
Study how environmental inequalities arise, including class, indigenous, racial and gender dimensions. Learn methods for researching environmental justice issues, and strategies for addressing them both locally and globally. Develop analytical, artistic, writing, collaborative and presentation skills to envision and realize a better environmental future. To learn more visit Environmental Politics, Justice and Arts.

Urban and Regional Environments
Focus on the relationships between people, buildings, cultures and all aspects of our environment. Use Toronto and surrounding areas as your field lab to take theory from the classroom and apply it to practical research on transportation, food systems, sustainable energy and other aspects of urban studies. To learn more visit Urban and Regional Environments.

Environmental Management: Policy, Resources and Conservation
Explore economic, scientific, political, social and legal aspects of the environmental challenges we face. Discover ways to address issues via conservation, natural resource management and policy approaches. To learn more visit Environmental Management.

Meet our graduates! Visit our BES Alumni profile page to learn more about the variety or careers you can explore with your BES degree.

Add a Double Major/Minor to your BES Degree

As a York University student studying the BES program, you will have the opportunity to add a double major or minor to your degree right from first year. If you have varying interests and want to explore Environmental Studies with a complimentary program that will further your academic and professional development… the choice is yours at York!

Double Major or Minor in Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies
Select from a wide range of programs offered by York University’s largest Faculty. You can choose to complete both a double major or minor in disciplines arranging from the Humanities, Social Sciences, Liberals Arts and more.

Double Major or Minor in the Faculty of Health
Double major or minor in Kinesiology or Psychology or minor in Global Health, Health Policy, Health Management or Health Informatics.

Minor in the Faculty of Arts, Media, Performance and Design
Minor options include Dance, Film, Music, Visual Arts or Theatre.

Minor in Faculty of Science
Minor options include Biology, Environmental Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Astronomy, Earth & Atmospheric Science or Math.

Co-Register with Education Apply directly from high school, during your BES studies or after graduation.