Graduate Diplomas

Within the MES program, students have the opportunity to add additional specializations to their degree by choosing one of our graduate diplomas.  These diplomas can be incorporated within your plan of study without extending the length of our program.

Diploma in Environmental/Sustainability Education

Offered jointly by the Faculty of Environmental Studies and the Faculty of Education, this diploma will allow educators in schools, community organizations, cultural institutions and advocacy groups to develop expertise and participate in research in the field of environmental and sustainability education.

This diploma is open to two groups of students:

  • graduate students enrolled in the Faculty of Environmental Studies or the Faculty of Education
  • community members interested in taking the diploma by itself through the Faculty of Education

Complete details Diploma in Environmental/Sustainability Education

Diploma in Business and the Environment

NOTE: Spaces in this diploma program are limited Offered jointly by the Faculty of Environmental studies and the Erivan K. Haub Program at the Schulich School of Business and taken as part of either the MES or MBA degree, this diploma provides the perspectives, critical understanding, tools, skills and recognition for York Master’s graduates to become leaders in their chosen career paths.

Complete details Diploma in Business and the Environment

Graduate Diplomas at YORK UNIVERSITY

Other diplomas available to York University graduate students include:

  • York offers more than 25 graduate diplomas.
  • Some diplomas are linked to York’s 28 research centers and institute.
  • On average, the minimum requirement needed to be awarded a diploma is the equivalent of two full graduate courses.
  • To Learn more visit Graduate Diplomas.