Reinstatement and Readmission

To return to the MES program to complete your degree, you must have withdrawn from the program in good academic standing. Your re-entry is
dependent upon an evaluation of your academic merit and formal approval of the Graduate Program Director. Please note: Approval of your application
for reinstatement or readmission is not guaranteed. It is your responsibility to ensure that the materials you submit make a strong case for your re-entry into the program. We strongly recommend that you connect with your former Advisor and/or Supervisor before applying to return to the program.

If your application is approved for readmission, you will be required to successfully complete either a General Exam (MES I or II students) or an MES II-III Exam before you will be able to register for the term. While a financial offer may have been a part of your initial offer of admission to the program, your funding status upon re-entry is not guaranteed and will be determined only after you have successfully completed your Exam.



If you have been away from the program for no more than three academic terms (no more than 12 months) and have not completed additional post-secondary studies since your withdrawal. You will need to petition for reinstatement and will be required to submit the following documents:

1. The Faculty of Graduate Studies Academic Petition Form

2. Your Plan of Study (revised/updated as appropriate for relevance,
course offerings, etc.)


If you have been away from the program for more than three academic terms (more than 12 months) or have completed additional post-secondary studies since your withdrawal, you will be required to re-apply to the program. Please refer to the instructions below:

1. You will need to email the FES Recruitment and Admissions at informing them that you wish to return to the MES program. Please include your first and last name and your 9-digit York Student Number. The Graduate Program Director will be notified of and will contact you by email to discussion your readmission to the program. Please note, this will require a review of your dossier and request your patience during this process.

2. Upon approval for readmission, an email will be sent notifying you to complete the Faculty of Graduate Studies Application for Admission Form . Once you have completed the application, you will receive an email confirmation from York within 72 hours (4 business days). Once you receive this confirmation, please email for further instructions.

Please Note: If you have completed additional postsecondary studies outside of York, you may be required to submit one official sealed transcript from each post-secondary institution you have attended since you withdrew from the program. Please email for instructions on where to send the transcripts.

Deadline Dates for Reinstatement and Readmission

Your re-entry into the program must correspond with the beginning of an academic term.

Term Deadline to Apply
Fall (September to December) May 1
Winter (January to April) September 1
Summer (May to August) February 1