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Dockstator, Jennifer



  • Year Entered: 2009

    Student Info

    Comprehensive Areas

    • History of Indigenous knowledge, thought and philosophy regarding sustainability and resilience
    • Mixed research methodologies: working with Elders and oral traditions
    • Sustainability and resilience from a Western perspective


    David McNab (Native Studies), Joe Sheridan, Leesa Fawcett, Ravi de Costa

    Previous Education

  • B.Sc. School of Natural Resources, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
  • M.E.S. Faculty of Environmental Studies, York University
  • Publications


    Acid Rain: A Survey of Data and Current Analyses. Congressional Research Service: Washington, D.C. (May 1984), 954 pp

    Services & Experience

    Services & Experience


    • Province of Ontario Volunteer Service Award
    • Bronze Pin, United States Environmental Protection Agency
    • Justin W. Leonard Award, School of Natural Resources, University of Michigan
    • Lyle E. Craine Award, School of Natural Resources, University of Michigan

    Conference & Presentations

    Conference & Presentations

    Why FES?

    FES offers a flexible, interdisciplinary approach to study and research and allows me to tailor the Plan of Study and focus my learning and research to my area of interest. I am excited about the many opportunities at FES and York to dialogue with and learn from others with similar interests in the field of sustainability thought and practice. As well, I am looking forward to the opportunity to learn from other faculty and staff with different areas of interest, continuing my journey of life-long learning.