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Farah, Qasim



  • Student Info

    Comprehensive Areas

    • Marine in/security
    • Marine Policy
    • Marine pollution


    Anna Zalik (Chair), Gail Fraser, Mark Winfield

    Previous Education

  • B. A. Islamic & Customary Law, National University, Somalia (1986-1990)
  • Diploma, Navigation and Fishery Institute, Somalia (1984-1986)
  • LLM, Environmental Law, University of Malaya, Malaysia (1999-2007)
  • MCL, Comparative Law, International Islamic University of Malaysia, Malaysia (1996-1998)
  • Publications


    • Farah, Q. 2009. Role Model Single Mothers, The Ambition, Vol. No. 5, Mississauga, Canada, May.Farah, Q. 2008. The Naming of our Clan, ScanSom Publishers, 175 06 Jarfalla, Stockholm, Sweden
    • Farah, Q. 2008. Usury and Student Loan, The Ambition, Vol. No. 6, Mississauga, Canada, June
    • Farah, Q. 2008. Criminal Responsibility of the Minor, Australian Journal of Islamic Studies, Sydney, Australia, January
    • Farah, Q. 2004. Garbage Recycling and Reusing System, Ujumi Road International Publications, Nairobi, Kenya
    • Farah, Q.2004. Land Degradation and its Control in Somalia, University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
    • Farah, Q.2003. Mogadishu City Planning for Environmental Protection, Ayaamaha Printing Agency, Mogadishu, Somalia
    • Farah, Q. 2003. Juvenile Delinquency: Crisis, Causes, Suggestions, and Solutions, Ayaamaha Printing Agency, Mogadishu, Somalia
    • Farah, Q. 1998. “Juvenile Delinquency’s Prevention Process: A Comparative Study between Malaysia and USA”, International Islamic University of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 1998
    • Farah, Q. 1999. “The Relationship Between Customary Law and Religious Ordainments,” National University, Mogadishu, Somalia, November 1999
    • Farah, Q. 1999. The Earth Summit in Rio, 1992: Information and Evaluation, University Press, Nairobi, Kenya
    • Farah, Q. Pastoralists in the Border between Somalia and Ethiopia,
    • Farah, Q. A nation destroyed by its Elders,

    Services & Experience

    Services & Experience


    • 2008 Volunteer Award, MicroSkills, Toronto
    • 2007-08 Parenting Certificate, Family service Association, Toronto
    • 2007 Certificate of Participation, Family service Association, Toronto
    • 2007 COPE Leadership Training, Family service Association, Toronto
    • 2004 Contributors’ Award, Association of Local Government Authorities, Kenya
    • 2003 Certificate, African Municipal Partnership, Nairobi, Kenya
    • 2003 Certificate of Attendance, International Maritime Organization and Ministry of Transport and Communications, Dar es Salam, Tanzania
    • 2000 Award of Hardworking, Somali Student Union, K.L. Malaysia
    • 1996 Leadership Training, Intern. Islam University, Selangor, Malaysia
    • 1995 Camping and Survival Award, Intern. Islam University, Selangor, Malaysia
    • 1993 Capacity Building Recognition, United Nations High Commission for Refugee and Eureka Educational & Training Consultants, Nairobi, Kenya
    • 1993 Acknowledgement Award, Soma-Action International Fund, Nairobi, Kenya

    Conference & Presentations

    Conference & Presentations

    Conference Presentations

    • 2009 Environmental Displacement, Annual Student Conference, The Centre for Refugee Studies, York University, Centre for Refugee Studies Annual Student Conference, April 16 – 17
    • 2005 Ozone Depletion Strategies in Somalia, 25th Meeting of the Open-ended Working Group, Parties to the Montreal Protocol, Montreal, Canada, 27 June to July 1
    • 2005 Phase-out Leaded Gasoline in Somalia: A case study (Translated into the languages of Somali, English, and Arabic for UNEP and PVCF), Nairobi, Kenya, 4 -7 May 2004. Second part, 3 -5 May
    • 2005 Environmental law in the Constitution of Somalia (Country Report), 23rd Session of the Governing Council/Global ministerial Environment Forum of UNEP, Nairobi, 20 -25 February
    • 2005 Illegal Logging in Southern Somalia, Global Intergovernmental and Multi-Stakeholder Consultation on GEO-4, 19 - 25 February
    • 2005 Slums dwelling assessment in Somalia (Country Report submitted to UNHABITAT), 2nd Substantive Session of the PREPCOM for the Special Session of GA on Istanbul+5, Nairobi, Kenya, February 2001. Second Part of the same paper for the same presentation in the same place, in February 2003, 2004, and 2005
    • 2003 Somalia: Postwar Environmental Rehabilitation Strategies, The 19th Session of the Governing Council of UNHABITAT, Nairobi, Kenya, 5 - 9 May
    • 2003 The Position of Somalia in Rio Declaration, African Expert Meeting on the Enhancing the Application of Rio Principles, Nairobi, 4 - 5 June

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