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Hobbs, Peter



  • Year Entered: 2010

    Student Info

    Dissertation Title

    Chemical Intimacies and Toxic Publics

    Comprehensive Areas

    • Animal Studies
    • Biopolitics
    • Science Studies


    Cate Sandilands

    Supervisory Committee

    • Cate Sandilands
    • Michelle Murphy
    • Natasha Myers

    Previous Education

  • B.A. Literary Studies and Semiotics, University of Toronto (1992)
  • Degree from Ontario College of Art and Design (1990)
  • M.A. Visual and Cultural Studies, University of Rochester (2007)
  • M.F.A Studio Arts, Concordia University (2000)
  • Publications


    Forthcoming. Epistemology of the Bunkhouse: Lusty Lumberjacks and the Sexual Pedagogy of the Woods. Included in Queering the Countryside: New Directions in Rural Queer Studies, edited by Mary L. Gray, Colin R. Johnson, and Brian Gilley. New York University Press.

    Forthcoming. Canine Cartographies: On the Queer and Curious Pleasures of Being a Dog. Included Animal Subjects 2.0, ed. Jodey Castricano and Lauren Corman. Wilfred Laurier University Press.

    2013. (with Cate Sandilands) Queen’s Park and Other Stories: Toronto’s Queer Ecologies. Included in Urban Explorations: Environmental Histories of the Toronto Region, edited by L. Anders Sandberg, Stephen Bocking, Colin Coates and Ken Cruikshank. Hamilton, ON: L.R. Wilson Institute for Canadian Studies, McMaster University.

    2010. (with AA Bronson) Invocation of the Queer Spirits. New York: Creative Time Books.

    2006. (with Lisa Uddin) Coeditor of Invisible Culture, Issue 9: Nature Loving.

    2004 The Image Before Me: The Lacanian Mirror Machine, Invisible Culture, Issue 7: Visible Doubt.

    2001. Der Poncho und die nomadische Wunsch-Maschine /The Poncho and the Nomadic Desire Machine. Included in Szuper Gallery: Gallery Talks (bilingual catalogue). München, Germany: Galerie der Künstler.

    2001.The Sewing Desire Machine. Included in Textile Transitions: Gender, Body, Identity. Edited by Janis Jefferies. London: Telos Press.

    Services & Experience

    Services & Experience

    Conference & Presentations

    Conference & Presentations

    Conference Presentations

    May 2014. Hazmat Suits and Lemonade: The Ambient Politics of Lead. CASCA, York University.

    Sept 2013. On the Political Sorcery of Lead. SLAS, University of Notre Dame.

    Feb 2013. Touring Toxicity: The Entangled Understories of Toronto’s Portlands. MATTERING: Feminism, Science & Materialism, City University of New York.

    Oct. 2012. Canine Cartography: On the Biopolitics of Poodles, 4S, Copenhagen, Denmark.

    Oct. 2012. On the Queer and Curious Pleasures of Being a Dog, SLAS, Milwaukee.

    Nov. 2011. Crittercams and Animal Technologies of Infolding, 4S, Cleveland.

    Oct. 2011. Tracking the Posthuman, SLAS, Kitchener-Waterloo

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