Faculty Profiles

Peter Mulvihill

BA (General Arts) - Carleton
BES (Environment and Resource Studies) - Waterloo
MA (Regional Planning and Resource Development) - Waterloo
PhD Amenagement (Environmental Planning) - Montreal

Areas of Academic Interest

  • Emerging or fringe approaches to environmental assessment

  • Scoping

  • Mega-development in Northern Canada

  • Scenario development

  • China

  • Environmental and sustainability thought

Major research projects

Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, ("Towards Sustainability in Headwaters Country: An Action - Based Research Program). Three year project, 2005-2008.

Selected Publications

2017 Kramkowski, V. and P. Mulvihill "Emerging dynamics of environmental governance in northern post-productivist regions".  Local Environment, Volume 22, Number 3, 350-364.

2016 Mulvihill, P. and S. Harris Ali Environmental Management: Critical Thinking and Emerging Practices. New York: Routledge.

2013 Mulvihill, P., M. Winfield, and J. Etcheverry "Strategic environmental assessment and advanced renewable energy in Ontario: Moving forward or blowing in the wind? Journal of Environmental Assessment Policy and Management, Volume 15, Number 2, June, DOI:10.1142/S1464333213400061.

2011 Li, Y., X.Yang, X. Zhu, P.R. Mulvihill, H.D. Matthews, and X. Sun "Integrating climate change factors into China's development policy: Adaptation strategies and mitigation to environmental change". Ecological Complexity, 8 (2011), 294-298.

2010 Mulvihill, P. R. & V. Kramkowski. "Extending the influence of scenario development in sustainability planning and strategy". Sustainability, Volume 2, Issue 8 (July 2010), 2449-2466.

2009 Mulvihill, P. R. "Endless paradox: Environmentalism in transition". Futures, Volume 41, Issue 7 (September 2009) 502-506.

2008 Ali-Khan, F. & P.R. Mulvihill.  "Exploring collaborative environmental governance: Perspectives on bridging and actor agency".  Geography  Compass, Volume 2, Number 6, (November 2008) 1974-1994.

2007 Mulvihill, P.R. & M.J. Milan. "Subtle world: Beyond sustainability, beyond information". Futures 39 (August 2007) 657-668.

2007 Mulvihill, P.R. & S.H. Ali. "Disaster incubation, cumulative impacts and the urban/ex-urban/rural dynamic". Environmental Impact Assessment Review 27 (May 2007) 343-358.

2006 Mulvihill, P.R., R. MacDonald & J. MacMillan. "Fostering Sustainability in Headwaters Country: Using Bioregional and Social Capital Strategies in Support of Sustainability". Local Environment Vol. 11, No. 6, 663-682, December 2006.

2005 Mulvihill, P.R., W.R. Morrison & S. MacIntyre. "Water, Gold and Obscurity: British Columbia's Bullion Pit". The Northern Review No. 25/26, 197-210.

2003 Molnar, E. & P.R. Mulvihill. "Sustainability-Focused Organizational Learning: Recent Experiences and New Challenges". Journal of Environmental Planning and Management  March 2003. Vol. 46, Issue 2., 167-176.

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