faculty of environmental studies

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Full-time faculty members

  • Ali, Syed Harris
    Areas of Academic Interest: Environmental Disasters; Environment and Health; Environmental Sociology
  • Armour, Audrey M (On leave of absence)
    Areas of Academic Interest: Conflict management; Environmental impact assessment; Environmental planning; Integrated resource planning and management; Public participation; Social impact assessment; Urban planning; Facility siting processes
  • Barndt, Deborah Jean
    Areas of Academic Interest: Community-engaged and activist art; Agri-food sustainability and local/global food movements; Popular education for social and environmental justice; Diverse epistemologies and ways of knowing; Participatory methodologies; Transnational activism (especially in the Americas)
  • Bunch, Martin J
    Professor, GIS Coordinator
    Areas of Academic Interest: Decision support in GIS; web-distributed GIS; ecosystem approaches; problems of developing area cities (particularly in India); adaptive management; urban development; urban environmental management; complex systems; systems approaches to problem solving
  • Campbell, Mora
    Associate Professor
    Areas of Academic Interest: Environmental ethics and philosophy; Philosophy of time/temporality studies; Spirituality, ethics, and nature; Contemplative, phenomenological and narrative forms of inquiry
  • de Costa, Ravi
    Associate Professor, Associate Dean Research
    Areas of Academic Interest: Indigenous politics and policy; Indigenous-settler relations and reconciliation; Globalization and Indigenous rights; Environmental/Indigenous conflicts and alliances
  • Etcheverry, Jose
    Associate Professor, Co-Chair, Sustainable Energy Initiative (SEI)
    Areas of Academic Interest: Climate Change Mitigation; International and National Renewable Energy Policies; Rural Electrification; Educational and Capacity Development Networks; New Media and Communications
  • Fawcett, Leesa K
    Associate Professor, Associate Dean Students
    Areas of Academic Interest: Bioregionalism, Community Development and Food; Ecology & Environmental Science; Environmental & Cultural Studies; Environmental Education; Gender & Environments; Globalization & International Development; Sustainability
  • Flicker, Sarah
    Associate Professor
    Areas of Academic Interest: Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health; Community based participatory research; HIV/AIDS; Community Development
  • Ford-Smith, Honor
    Associate Professor, Community Arts Program (CAP) Coordinator
    Areas of Academic Interest: Performance and social movements; Race, gender, nation and colonialism and post-colonialism; Caribbean societies and their diasporas; Community and environmental arts and education
  • Foster, Jennifer J
    Associate Professor, Urban Ecologies Certificate Coordinator
    Areas of Academic Interest: Urban environmental justice; Habitat creation and novel ecologies; Post-industrial urban space; Political ecology and cultural politics of representation; Urban environmental aesthetics; Contemporary arts as planning discourse
  • Fraser, Gail
    Associate Professor, Undergraduate Program Director
    Areas of Academic Interest: Ecology (avian, aquatic, behavioral, marine, terrestrial); Wildlife management; Protected areas management; Extractive industries: oil and gas
  • Gilbert, Liette
    Areas of Academic Interest: Immigration, Multiculturalism and Citizenship (multicultural cities and identities; politics of difference in the city; neoliberalisation of immigration policy; social justice, media representations of immigration and multiculturalism, and North American border politics); Urban and Environmental Politics (planning, design and urbanism; exurban growth and environmental conservation; political ecology of landscapes; and environmental justice)
  • Haritaworn, Jinthana K.
    Assistant Professor
    Areas of Academic Interest: Transnational race, gender and sexuality studies; Feminist/queer/trans of colour theories and activisms; Urban and environmental justice; Queer gentrification; Criminalization; Pathologization; Violence; Affect; Biopolitics, necropolitics and geopolitics; Sociology and cultural studies
  • Hoicka, Christina E.
    Assistant Professor, PowerStream Chair in Sustainable Energy Economics
    Areas of Academic Interest: Community energy planning; Energy use and decisions; Sustainable energy systems; Climate change mitigation; Energy policy
  • Kapoor, Ilan
    Areas of Academic Interest: Critical Development Studies; Participatory development and democracy/democratic theory; Postcolonial theory/politics and cultural studies; Celebrity humanitarianism/celebrity culture; Ideology critique (drawing on psychoanalytic Marxism, particularly the works of Zizek); Social/environmental movements in the North and South; 'New' critiques of development (ecological, postdevelopment, postmarxist, feminist, anti-racist, non-western, postcolonial)
  • Keil, Roger H
    Areas of Academic Interest: Global Suburbanism; Urban Governance; Global Cities; Infectious Disease and Cities; Urban Infrastructures; Urban Political Ecology
  • Kipfer, Stefan Andreas
    Associate Professor
    Areas of Academic Interest: Theories of society, politics and urbanization; Comparative urban politics and planning; Urban social movements and restructuring; 'Colonization', racialization and urbanization in post-colonial times; Sub/ex/urbanization, territorial relations and regional planning; Public housing: gentrification, privatization and redevelopment; Public transit and red-green urban strategies
  • Leduc, Timothy B.
    Assistant Professor, Environmental Sustainability Education Coordinator
    Areas of Academic Interest: Intercultural views on northern climate change; Ecological worldviews, religion and eco-humanities; Colonial and indigenous knowledges in Canada; Environmental education; Interdisciplinarity in Canadian Environmental Studies
  • Lehrer, Ute A
    Associate Professor
    Areas of Academic Interest: Cities and Globalization; Economic Restructuring and Urban Form; Political Economy of the Built Environment; Theory and History of Planning, Urban Design and Architecture; Built Environment, Ethnicity and Immigration to Urban Area; Global Suburbanisms
  • MacRae, Roderick J.
    Associate Professor
    Areas of Academic Interest: Federal food policy making; Regulatory frameworks for pesticide and GE crops; Demand - supply management in the food system; Strategies to localize the food and agriculture system; Farm environmental goods and services payments
  • Molot, Lewis
    Areas of Academic Interest: Iron promotion of toxic cyanobacterial blooms in freshwaters; Role of ultraviolet radiation and visible radiation in freshwater organic carbon processing; Role of phosphorus in dissolved oxygen depletion in Lake Simcoe bottom waters; Internal loading of phosphorus and iron
  • Montoya, Phillip J.
    Associate Professor, Chair of Neotropical Conservation
    Areas of Academic Interest: Environmental Anthropology; Critical Studies in Development; Environmental Conservation in the Neotropics; Community Livelihood and Well-Being
  • Mulvihill, Peter R.
    Associate Professor
    Areas of Academic Interest: Emerging or fringe approaches to environmental assessment; Scoping; Mega-development in Northern Canada; Scenario development; China; Environmental and sustainability thought
  • Perkins, Patricia Elaine
    Areas of Academic Interest: International trade; Trade and environment; Ecological economics; Community economic development; Metal markets and trade; Debt, poverty, and environmental degradation; Women, ecology and economics
  • Podur, Justin J
    Associate Professor, Graduate Program Director
    Areas of Academic Interest: Mathematical Modeling; Forest Fires; Landscape Ecology; Urban Wildlife Ecology; Political Conflicts
  • Rahder, Barbara
    Professor, PhD Program Coordinator
    Areas of Academic Interest: Urban planning history, theory, and education; Access to affordable housing, community services, and public space; Social sustainability, diversity, equity and justice; Women and planning; Participatory research and planning; Planning in Sri Lanka
  • Rogers, Raymond A (On sabbatical)
    Associate Professor, Vice-Chair, Faculty Council
    Areas of Academic Interest: Relationship between economics and the natural world focusing on critiques of conservation and development; Application of social theory to the environmental crisis; Cultural studies
  • Salter, R L Liora
    Professor in Environmental Studies and Law, Joint Appointed with Osgoode Hall Law School
    Areas of Academic Interest: Communications; Law, science and technology policy standards; Regulation and public policy; Language and political controversies
  • Sandberg, L. Anders
    Areas of Academic Interest: Politics of science and planning; Gentrification of conservation; Pedagogies of space and place; Political economies and ecologies of natural resources; Climate/environmental justice; Sustainability and social democracy; Forest, environmental and conservation history
  • Sandilands, Catriona A H
    Professor, Canada Research Chair in Sustainability and Culture
    Areas of Academic Interest: Environmental cultural studies; Environmental/ecological literary criticism, environmental writing; Sexuality, gender and environments: queer ecologies, ecological feminisms; Nature and environment in social and political thought; Everyday human/plant relations, vegetality, and botanical biopolitics
  • Scott, Dayna N
    Associate Professor, Osgoode Coordinator MES/JD Joint Program
    Areas of Academic Interest: Environmental Justice; Gender and Environmental Health; Feminist Theory of the Body; Critical Sociology of Risk; Trends in Regulation and Governance
  • Sheridan, Joseph William
    Associate Professor
    Areas of Academic Interest: Environmental Education; Environmental thought and First Nations tradition; Folk culture; Media technology and oral cultures; Educational reform on environmental models
  • Sturgeon, Noël A.
    Areas of Academic Interest: Social movements, especially feminist, environmental and environmental justice; Representations of nature and environmentalism in popular culture and mass media; Feminist, political and cultural theory; Direct action and nonviolent social change practices; Global feminist environmental justice cultural studies
  • Taylor, Laura E
    Associate Professor, MES/Planning Program Coordinator
    Areas of Academic Interest: Nature politics in urban and regional planning; Exurban and suburban studies; Cultural landscape studies
  • Tesfaye, Frehiwot
    Assistant Professor
    Areas of Academic Interest: Study of agrarian relations and food security; Internal displacement and social movements; African women and development; Ethnographic research methods; Interdisciplinary collaboration on the study of migration and development
  • Thiemann, Gregory W (On sabbatical)
    Associate Professor
    Areas of Academic Interest: Arctic ecosystems; Food web ecology; Wildlife conservation; Resource management; Animal physiology
  • Timmerman, Peter (On sabbatical)
    Associate Professor, Graduate Diploma in Business & the Environment Coordinator
    Areas of Academic Interest: Environmental ethics; Environmental conflict; Coastal city management
  • Victor, Peter Alan
    Areas of Academic Interest: Ecological economics; Environmental policy; Sustainability
  • Wekerle, Gerda R
    Areas of Academic Interest: Growth, urbanization, sprawl and nature; Public policy, local government and local politics; Social movements; Urban agriculture; Gender and the neoliberal city
  • Wilkinson, Paul F
    University Professor, Professor
    Areas of Academic Interest: Resource and environmental management; Recreation/tourism geography; Recreation/tourism planning and management; Parks and protected area management
  • Winfield, Mark S
    Associate Professor, Co-Chair, Sustainable Energy Initiative (SEI)
    Areas of Academic Interest: Environmental Policy; Environmental Law; Sustainable Energy; Urban Sustainability; Climate Change Policy
  • Zalik, Anna
    Associate Professor
    Areas of Academic Interest: Critical Development Studies/International Aid Industry; Critical Geopolitics of the oil industry focusing on the Americas and Sub-Saharan Africa; Political Economy, Comparative Historical Studies, Post-Coloniality