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Fraser, Gail

Fraser, Gail
Associate Professor
Undergraduate Program Director
BSc (Biology)
MSc (Zoology)
PhD (Biopsychology)


"Support the right to arm bears" Author unkown

Areas of Academic Interest

  • Ecology (avian, aquatic, behavioral, marine, terrestrial)
  • Wildlife management
  • Protected areas management
  • Extractive industries: oil and gas

My background is in marine and freshwater avian ecology. I have two main areas of research: environmental management of oil and gas extraction; and the ecology, conservationand management of avian wildlife.

My research is entwined with my teaching; understanding how to critically examine environmental data requires knowledge of scientific thought and of ecology. My goal as a teacher is to provide intellectually challenging and stimulating courses while providing the skills to think critically on environmental issues.

Major research projects

  • Wildlife management/aspects of avian ecology in Toronto’s urban waterfront
  • Environmental effects offshore oil and gas

Other positions/affiliations

Select publications

Elvin, S. and G.S. Fraser 2012. The need for a national Strategic Environmental Assessment for the Canadian offshore oil and gas industry with special emphasis on cumulative effects. Journal of Environmental Assessment Policy and Management. 14(3):1250015-1- 1250015-37.

Taylor, B. and G.S. Fraser 2012. Effects of egg oiling on ground nesting double-crested cormorants at a colony in Lake Ontario: An examination of nest-attendance behaviour. Wildlife Research. http://dx.doi.org/10.1071/WR11035.

Taylor, B., Andrews, D. and G.S. Fraser 2011. Double-crested cormorants and urban wilderness: conflicts and management. Urban Ecosystem, 14:377-394.

Fraser, G.S. and J. Ellis 2008. Offshore hydrocarbon and synthetic hydrocarbon spills in eastern Canada: The Issue of follow-up and experience. Journal of Environmental Assessment Policy and Management. 10: 173 - 187.

Fraser, G.S. and J. Ellis 2008. The Canada-Newfoundland Atlantic Accord Implementation Act: Transparency of the environmental management of the offshore oil and gas industry. Marine Policy (Sept 2008, available online)

Fraser, G.S., J. Ellis and L. Hussain 2008. International comparison of governmental disclosure of hydrocarbon spills from offshore oil and gas installations. Marine Pollution Bulletin 56:9-13.

Fraser, G.S., J. Russell and W. M. vonZharen 2006. Produced water from offshore oil and gas installations on the Grand Banks, Newfoundland and Labrador: Are the potential effects to seabirds sufficiently known? Marine Ornithology 34:147-156.

Russell, J, G.S. Fraser and J. Ellis 2006. Colouring in the offshore: an atlas of endangered marine species and oil and gas activity off Newfoundland and Labrador, CD-ROM. COPIES AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST

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