Faculty of Environmental Studies


Taylor, Laura E (Sabbatical)

Taylor, Laura E
Associate Professor
BES (Urban & Regional Planning) - Waterloo
MES (Evolution and Change in City Form) - York
PhD (Cultural & Historical Geography) - Toronto

Areas of Academic Interest

  • Nature politics in urban and regional planning
  • Exurban and suburban studies
  • Cultural landscape studies

Major research projects

  • Study of exurbia in the Lake Simcoe watershed in Ontario
  • Collaborative and comparative exurbia research
  • Community energy planning

Select publications

Taylor L. and Hurley, P. T. eds. Under contract 2014. Political Ecology of Sprawl: Understanding Rural to Exurban Landscape Transitions. New York: Springer.

Cadieux, K. V., Taylor, L. & Bunce, M. 2013. Landscape ideology in the Greater Golden Horseshoe Greenbelt Plan: Negotiating material landscapes and abstract ideals in the city’s countryside, accepted Journal of Rural Studies 32, 307-319

Taylor, L. and Kirsten Valentine Cadieux. 2012. Green sprawl Plan Canada 52(3): 16–21.

Taylor, L. 2012. Meeting up with FES planning students. OPPI Journal 27(4): 13–14.

Cadiieux, K.V. and L. Taylor, eds. 2012. Landscape and the ideology of nature in exurbia: Green Sprawl. New York: Routledge.

Taylor, L. 2012. Toronto, Canada in S.G. Beavis, M. Dougherty and T. Gonzales, eds. The Encyclopedia of Sustainability, Vol. 8: The Americas and Oceania - Assesing Sustainability, 3000-302. Great Barrington, MA: Berkshire Publishing.

Taylor, L. 2011. No boundaries: Exurbia and the study of contemporary urban dispersion. GeoJournal 76 (4) 323-339.

Amati, M. and L. Taylor, eds. 2010. From green belts to green infrastructure, in a special issue on Debating the future of green belts, Planning Practice and Research 25(2): 143–155.

Taylor, L. 2010. No boundaries: Exurbia and the study of contemporary urban dispersion. GeoJournal (online DOI 10.1007/s10708-009-9300).

Taylor, L. 2010. The Idea of Landscape in Planning at the City’s Edge, in K. Beesley, ed. The Rural-Urban Fringe in Canada: Conflict and Controversy, Brandon, MN: Brandon University Press.

Blum, A., K. V. Cadieux, N. Luka and L. Taylor (in alphabetical order). 2004. “ ‘Deeply Connected’ to the ‘Natural Landscape’: Exploring the Places and Cultural Landscapes of Exurbia,” Chapter 8 in The Structure and Dynamics of Rural Territories: Geographical Perspectives, edited by D. Ramsey and C. Bryant. (Brandon, Man.: Brandon University) 104-112.

Bourne, L. S., M. Bunce, L. Taylor, N. Luka and J. Maurer. 2003. “Contested Ground: The Dynamics of Peri-Urban Growth in the Toronto Region.” Canadian Journal of Regional Science XXVI: 2&3, 251-270.

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