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Policies and Procedures

Policy Statements and Procedures are adopted by the Council of the Faculty of Environmental Studies under Standing Rules 3.6 and 3.7 and 3.8. They are supplementary to the Standing Rules (which take precedence) and as recorded here are not intended to be comprehensive or exhaustive.

Every effort has been made to ensure that these Policies and Procedures are complete and accurate. In the event that these published Policies and Procedures are not fully consistent with FES-approved legislation, then the duly approved legislation shall take precedence.

Section A – Council of the Faculty of Environmental Studies

Section B – Executive Committee

Section C – Committee of Instruction and subcommittees

Section C1 – Committee of Instruction
Section C2 – MES Program and Curriculum Subcommittee
Section C3 – PhD Program, Curriculum and Admissions Subcommittee
Section C4 – MES Admissions Subcommittee
Section C5 – MES Awards Subcommittee
Section C6 – Grade Assessment Subcommittee
Section C7 – MES/JD Program Subcommittee
Section C8 – Planning Programs Subcommittee
Section C9 – Undergraduate Program and Curriculum Subcommittee
Section C10 – Undergraduate Academic Review and Admissions Subcommittee

Section D – Research Committee

Section E – Faculty Appointments Advisory Committee

Section F – Tenure and Promotion Committee

Section G – Appeals Committee

Section H - Equity Committee