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FES alumnus Bruce Lourie Launches his 2nd Book

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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Toxin Toxout book cover  imageMES Graduate Bruce Lourie and co-author Rick Smith have done it again. Renown for being two of Canada’s most prominent environmental leaders, Lourie and Smith documented a shocking and detailed list of the various toxins we expose ourselves to throughout our daily lives in their best-selling book Slow Death by Rubber Duck”.  In response to the nagging question “now that I know toxins are in there, how do I get them out?”, Lourie and Smith recently released a follow-up book.

The new book, “Toxin, Toxout: Getting Harmful Chemicals Out of Our Bodies and Our World”, was launched on January 14 at Ben McNally’s bookstore in downtown Toronto. In this book, the authors act proverbial guinea pigs in numerous experiments, and provide detailed accounts of the various attempts they made to ride their bodies of harmful toxins. Reviews suggest that this book is a must read for anyone wishing to create a healthier lifestyle:

“We all owe a debt of gratitude to Bruce Lourie and Rick Smith for slowly poisoning themselves for our benefit. And perhaps even more, for figuring out how to unpoison themselves. This is a fascinating book that has made me change my daily routines.” —A.J. Jacobs, New York Times bestselling author of Drop Dead Healthy, My Life as an Experiment and The Know-It-All.

To learn more about FES Alumni Bruce Lourie and his publications, please visit: http://toxintoxout.ca/about-the-authors/bruce-lourie/

Bruce is one of Canada’s leading environmental leaders, and is the President of Ivey Foundation – a private charitable foundation in Canada – which aims to improve Canadian well-being by supporting key environmental causes. Bruce is well known for his work in linking human health to environmental issues through his extensive research.  He has acted on numerous international, federal, provincial and municipal bodies advising on environmental, health and energy policy matters. Bruce is a graduate of the Masters of Environmental Studies program at York University, and is also presently a Ph.D. candidate.