What’s NSSE all about?

NSSE is the National Survey of Student Engagement, which universities across Canada participate in every three years to learn about their undergraduate students’ experiences. NSSE is one of the most important surveys York participates in because it gives you, our students, the opportunity to tell the administration what you think of your undergraduate experience, the kinds of activities you’re engage in on-campus and how you’ve benefitted (so far!) from your studies at York. Your opinion counts!

What’s in it for you?

Just by completing the survey, you can enjoy a latte on York! Each participant will receive a $5 coffee or bookstore voucher for your completed survey.  You could also win a $500 tuition waiver or a $100 “Top-Up” on your YU-card. Additionally, the Faculty with the highest completion rate will win the NSSE Champion Cup – and all the bragging rights that go with it! In 2014, we placed second behind Schulich.

What’s in it for York?

York is committed to using the NSSE results to help design the programs and activities that our students most need and want. Sharing your thoughts on your experiences and telling us what we should do more (or less of) is exactly how York, as a community focused on student success, will benefit from NSSE 2017.

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Your participation matters: How to access NSSE!

If you’re a student in the first- or final-year of a four-year program, you received an e-mail from President Shoukri on February 6, with a link to the survey. (If you didn’t see it, you might want to take a peek in your spam folder.)
Did you know that the NSSE survey is mobile-friendly and that you can complete the survey on your personalized Moodle or my.yorku.ca page? It only takes 10 to 15 minutes to complete. Quick and easy!

NSSE 2014 Outcomes: We Listened!

In 2014, York nearly doubled our participation rate over 2011. As a result, we implemented improvements to our student services. Here’s a short list of student-centric initiatives that were developed based on NSSE data:

  • Visual Schedule Builder
  • practicum and capstone courses
  • more work/study students in the finance office to provide better services and on-campus jobs
  • Study Hub to help students find study groups and tutors
  • Manage My Academic Record to help students manage degree progress
  • classroom reservation system
  • more study space and a new student lounge
  • more seating in public space
  • advising community of practice to facilitate cross-Faculty collaboration and information sharing
  • student-led initiatives to support York’s Mental Health & Wellness Strategy
  • Student Success Centre (SSC) to provide inclusive programming and services for students under one unified umbrella; and
  • increased number of dedicated group study rooms in the Learning Commons.

More feedback on the 2017 survey could help us make even more changes at York and FES.

For more information on NSSE at York visit yorku.ca/nsse