Beyond the Greenbelt: Extended Urbanization on the Shores of Lake Simcoe

Lucy Lynch, 2016
Vol. 22 No. 12 ISSN 1702-3548 (online)

Building off existing scholarship on extended urbanization and Urban Political Ecology this paper looks at the neoliberal urban development processes shaping Lake Simcoe and the communities within the watershed. With Friday Harbour Resort, a 600 acres mega-development currently under construction on the protected shoreline of Lake Simcoe, as my case study, I examine the contradictory and conflicting processes of sub/urbanization extending across the Greater Golden Horseshoe Region. This involves research into policies, forms of governance as well as other socio-spatial, ecological and economic processes that are contributing to the ongoing proliferation of exclusionary and fragmented geographies that typify this rapidly sub/urbanizing region. In addition, I examine alternative forms of opposition and new possibilities for resistance.