Integrating MuSIASEM and The Ecosystem Approach to Health; Systems Theory, Quantitative Storytelling, and Participatory Methods for Promoting Human and Ecosystem Health

David Mallery, 2016
Vol.22 No. 18 ISSN 1702-3548 (online)

Increasingly, Issues relating to coupled human and ecosystem health manifest in complex problems without simple solutions. Systems oriented methodologies, such as The Ecohealth
Approach and Multi-scale integrated analysis of societal and ecosystem metabolism, are required to grapple with the uncertainty and non-linear behavior of complex systems relevant
to sustainability and human wellbeing. This paper proposes that these methodologies should be theoretically and methodologically integrated for the purpose of collaboratively developing
interventions for promoting human and ecosystem health within a complex decision space. Section 1 presents a thorough discussion of the concept of health, within the discourse of
complex systems theory and ecological economics, and proposes a general framework for understanding the health of autopoietic systems. Section 2 provides a review of the methods
and principles employed by MuSIASEM and The Ecohealth Approach while discussing how and why these methodologies should be integrated.