Intergenerational Love Song: When I say…! You say…!

Magali Meagher, 2017
Vol. 23 No. 27 ISSN 1702-3548 (online)

This paper discusses Intergenerational Love Song: When I say….! You say….!, a project I conceived and carried out in 2017 with four adult band coaches at Girls Rock Camp Toronto. Using song writing as a mode of inquiry, participants were able to reflect on their role as mentors to young people. This project sought to disrupt the ways in which band coaches at Girls Rock Camp think about the collaborative song writing process, the act of teaching and the ways in which listening is crucial to the ways in which we respond. In so doing, this project engages with broader ideas of power, dialogue and the binaries that make their way into discourses on gender and human development. This study is unique in that it brings into conversation musicology, pedagogy and girlhood studies in a grounded project that makes room for listening.

Note: It is recommended to listen to the songs in conversation while reading this project report and specifically during the sections that analyze each song.
Big Beef! Hard Life!
(I really love this) Big Beef! Hard Life!