Poaching and Human-elephant Conflict: A Destructive Duo How Poaching May Alter Male Elephant Society and Indirectly Influence Human-Elephant Conflict

Amy Cocksedge, 2017
Vol. 23 No. 8 ISSN 1702-3548

My major research paper (MRP) acts as a case study in which I explore all the major themes set out in my POS. In general, I set out to study the dynamics of wildlife conservation. I specifically was interested in exploring animal behaviour, wildlife biology, the wildlife trade, human-wildlife conflict, and wildlife management. My MRP is an in-depth look at the role of the ivory trade in elephant society and human-elephant conflict. This MRP research allowed me to look critically at all the specific elements of my POS. I took a major focus examining male elephant behaviour and society, thus examining animal behaviour. This also allowed me to branch into the study of wildlife biology in general, examining broader theories on habitat use, the role of hormones, and society. The wildlife trade component of my POS was explored through the case study of the ivory trade, a major focus of my MRP. Human-wildlife conflict was explored through human-elephant conflict, while wildlife management was explored both specifically in the ability of people to cope with human-elephant conflict and generally in terms of the role that the ivory trade and elephant behaviour might play. As such, my MRP exploring the potential impact that the removal of male elephants for the ivory trade might have on elephant behaviour and thus human-elephant conflict acts as a case study exploring all major elements of my POS.