Innovative research is at the heart of the Faculty of Environmental Studies (FES). Our inception in 1968 as Canada’s first Faculty of Environmental Studies launched a new kind of scholarship committed to interdisciplinary research with practical applications. In FES, environment encompasses natural, built, social and organizational environments. This broad definition of the environment is very much in evidence in the range of research that FES scholars pursue – from environmental thought to environmental practice, from planning to international development, from native issues and gender issues to health and environmental science – indeed from almost anywhere on the spectrum of environmental meanings to almost any topic on environment policy – you will find research at FES.

FES is working on over 40 collaborative research projects with various academic, government and private industry groups averaging $1.5-2 Million in research funding from 2010-2015. Through the Las Nubes Project in Neotropical Conservation, FES has made significant achievements in research and conservation in biodiversity protection, rural sustainability, as well as environmental education in local schools in Costa Rica. This project has flourished over many years and we are now breaking ground on the Lillian Wright Centre, home of York’s “Eco-Campus”. The CITY Institute at York University also has a major collaborative research initiative on “Global Suburbanism” which is the first major research project to take stock of suburban developments around the world. FES also hosts the Sustainable Energy Initiative making our Faculty the preeminent place in Ontario for research and education in renewable energy.