Storying Climate Change: Narrative, Imagination, Justice, Resilience

Status: Ongoing
Start Date: April 1, 2016
Theme: Community Arts & Advocacy

Storying Climate Change: Narrative, Imagination, Justice, Resilience
Cate Sandilands

Trudeau Foundation

Storying Climate Change will create a public process of collaborative engagement focused on listening to, creating, and sharing stories about everyday experiences of climate change. Privileging Indigenous and environmental justice traditions in which stories are inextricable from environmental and social understanding, the project will include: 1. a workshop in which an interdisciplinary and multi-community group of climate and community experts will come together to talk about climate, place, justice, and story; 2. an edited collection of essays, reflections, stories and poems that emerge from the workshop, oriented to a popular audience; and 3. a series of local community “book group” discussions of the collection, complemented by a social media site where selections from the collection and accompanying videos, readings, and related works will be shared to an electronic public. A preview of the project is at: