External research funding for FES projects since 2000 has reached more than 20 million dollars. This tells us what we already know: that research is at the heart of FES. The time and effort faculty members devote to securing research funding helps faculty and students engage in the innovative research that defines the Faculty, and the diversity and scope of the successful projects – and of the granting institutions – showcases the interdisciplinarity and the broad relevance of our work.

Funds raised though major grants, while designated for particular projects, benefit the entire Faculty. They help put FES in the spotlight by highlighting the work we do. They also help foster the general research culture in the Faculty. Research culture goes far beyond the amount of money raised from external sources, and it is clear from the wide array of seminar series, conferences and publications that emerge from the Faculty that FES has one of the most diverse and active research cultures at York. By showcasing the success of these major grant holders we celebrate the continuing development of that research culture and the many innovative and exciting activities it supports and inspires.


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