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Student Research Titles

Year Student Title Supervisor
2011 Alan Lavery Assessing Fairness in the Coffee Trade: An Inquiry into Globalization, Market Trends, and Social Inequalities Ravi DeCosta
2010 Shadi Afshar Intrinsic Value and the Environment: A study of the Epistemological Foundations of Environmental Ethics Code Lorraine
2010 Jonathon M. Chretien Life in the Shade: Economic and Ecological Sustainability of Shade Coffee Farms in Pérez Zeledón, Costa Rica Ellie Perkins
2010 Melissa Gauvin Technology and The Lord of the Rings Cate Sandilands
2010 Barbora Grochalova Developing an Alternative Indicator: Well-being, Sustainability, and Policy Application Peter Victor
2010 Natalie Meens In What Ways Can First Nations Reserves' Current Living Conditions be Categorized as Environmental Racism? Sarah Flicker
2010 Hoa Pham Caring Through a Relational Ontology: A Psychoanalytic and Phenomenological Study into the Roots of Caring for Our Social Environmental Relationships Peter Timmerman
2010 Gwen Potter An Investigation into the Role of Facebook Environmental Groups in Environmental Collective Action Femida Handy
2009 Kelly Cook A Rcent History of Ontario Electricity Policy: Putting the Pieces Together Mark Winfield
2009 Kristina Fulchini Perspectives of Neoliberalism: Landscapes of Power and Marginalization in Buenos Aires, Argentina Raymond Rogers
2009 Yvonne Mazurak Routes of Survival: Neoliberalism and Labour Migration in Mexico Patricia Perkins
2009 Monica S. Pescador Artic Geoploitics: Canadian and Indigenous Narratives Ravi de Costa
2009 Vito Pittelli Renewable Energy Adoption and Implementation: a Case Study of Renewable Energy Incentives and Their Effects on New and Existing University Buildings in Ontario Jose Etcheverry
2009 Sharon Sam How are Resource Management and Environmental Racsim Significant Factors in the Constrcution of Environmental Disaster Ali Harris
2009 Maria Sergio Lookinig Backwards, Walking Forwards: Experiencing Community Gardening in Urban Toronto Deborah Barndt
2009 Sindy Susanah Singh The Aluminum Industry in Trinidad: Socio-Ecolgical Implications from Sustainable Development and Globalization Perspectives Anna Zalik
2009 Annette Ch-Hoi Wong Impact of Tourism on Coastal Resource Communities Paul Wilkinson
2009 Sara Zaib Interrogating the Alberta Tar Sands: Environmental Injustice, Climate Vulnerability and First Nations Anders Sandberg
2009 Alana Aaron The White Haze of the Wind: The Social Implications of Hurricane Ivan on Women in Grand Cayman Honor Ford-Smith
2008 Marika Heinrichs The Truth About Stories: The Power and Potential of Voice in Participatory Research Sarah Flicker
2008 Mona Mona From the Ground Up: The Formation of the HOPE Community Garden and the Blossoming of a Cross-Cultural Community Food Security Movement in South Parkdale Deborah Barndt
2008 Esther Kwong People, Planet, Porfits: An Analysis of Socially responsible Investments by Institutional Investors Peter Victor
2008 Caroline Misek-Brandt Fair Trade and Organic Coffee in Post-Ica Mexico Peter Timmerman
2008 Marina Nikolovski Israel and the Palestinian Regions: Examining the Intersection of Power Relations in Water Conflict Ali Harris
2008 Nicholas Pankiw The Migratory Bird Treaty: A Critical Review of Legal Enforcement in Canada and the United States Gail Fraser
2008 Amber Roga-Fox Gendering Commodities: Gender and Participatory Community Development in Coffee Communities Ellie Perkins
2008 Anna Roginska Pulling Out of Silences: an exploration of the colonial history of the Democratic Replublic of the Congo juxtaposed on the business practices of Canadian and Chines minig firms, vis-à-vis the environment Anna Zalik
2008 Martina Rowley The Importance of Environmental Education and its Enhancement Through Outdoor Experience Joe Sheridan
2008 Jelena Vesic Polar Bears, Aboriginal Rights, and Climate Change Anders Sandberg
2008 David Forgione Alternate Fuels for Transportation: A study of hydrogen as an alternative fuel option for sustainable transportation Mark Winfield
2007 Nina Popova Examining The Environmental Attitudes of York Students Towards Toronto's Waste Management Brent Rutherford
2007 Liza Badaloo The Greater Toronto Transportation Authority: Implications for the GTA Region Roger Keil
2007 Shira Rocklin My First Year of Motherhood: Babywearing as Environmental Practice Mora Campbell
2007 Terri Block The Influence of Liberal Environmentalism on Canadian Environmental Policy: A Case Study of "Smart Regulation" Ray Rogers
2007 Michael Romandel Selected Planning Issues in the West Don Lands Redevelopment: Area History, Soil Remediation, Flood Protection and Affordable Housing Issues Carmela Canzonieri
2007 Jessica DaSilva Understanding Menstruation as an Ideology: Resisting Negative Western Views of Menstruation Rebecca Peterson
2007 Sophia Sestito Social Movements in the Niger Delta of Nigeria: Their Potential for Increasing Regional Autonomy Relating to Oil Production In the Region David Morley
2007 Jennifer Dillon The Era of Too Much: An Examination of Excess Consumption Peter Victor
2007 Harpreet Singh The County Court Experience: Sport Participation in Canada and the Creation of Public "Place" Ute Lehrer
2007 Katherine Goff How GIS Can be Used to Reduce Pesticide Usage and Maintain Healthy Lawns; A Case Study of White Grubs in the GTA Stephan Chan
2007 Rasheed Sulaman Energy Conversation in Low-Income: Exploring the Issue and Addressing Barriers for Improving Energy Conservation Policy in Ontario Robert G. McDonald
2007 James Holland Having Regard for Wetlands: Does Ontario's Land Use Planning Lead to Significant Protection? Martin Bunch
2007 Sara Trotta The Reconciliation of Continuing Storylines with Redevelopment: A Case Study of The Darling Ames Residences Jenny Foster
2007 Douglas Karago An Analysis of Tiomin's Environmental Impact Assessment Report: A comparative analysis of social impacts Tiomin (Kenya), Paladin (Malawi) and Marlin (Guatemala) EIA Peter Mulvihill
2007 Chao-Yuan Joanne Wang The Role of Zoos in Species Conservation Susznne Macdonald
2007 Esther Elizabeth Lambert Natural Disaster Vulnerability in Small Island Developing States (SIDS): Proposal for Vulnerability Reduction in Dominica Paul Wilkinson
2007 Jennifer Weiss Examining The Impact of Military Sonar on Cetaceans: Canada's Role in The Research and Development of Low Frequency Active Sonar Systems Gail Fraser
2007 Elizabeth, Wai Ting Liu The Sustainable Campus Project on Keele Campus and its three pillars: Campus Sustainability Assessment Framework Project, Internal Capacity Building and the Multi-stakeholder Process Stefan Kipfer
2007 Connie Wong Indoor Air Quality Around the World: Looking at The Home, Its impact on Human Health, and What Needs to Be Done About it Rebecca Peterson
2007 Corbin Murdoch Singing with the Ancestors: Tracing the Songlines Across Time and Space Joseph Sheridan
2006 Rudra Bissoon Water Management And Distritution Throughout Trinidad Lewis Molot
2006 Elizabeth Geer To What Extent Are Zoos Contributing To Wilelife Conservation: The Evolution of Zoos in Becoming Conservation Centres And Considerations To Which Animals Shuld Be Kept In Captivity Gail Fraser
2006 John Brown Residential Development And Industrial Pollution In Toronto, Ontario Stefan Kipfer
2006 Stefanie Hall The Role of Education in the Fair Trade Movement H. Dougherty
2006 Joseph Carnevale On Track With Transportation? A Look At Public Transit And Toronto's Offical Plan Liette Gilbert
2006 Lan Kuang Developing Urban Renewal Strategies To Curb Urban Sprawl In Toronto With GIS Grant Sheng
2006 Kelsey Carriere Make-Shift: The Sustainable Community Building Resource Center Rob MacDonald
2006 Jon-Eric Lappano Mobile Technoscapes & {Virtual} Roads: Environmental Redefinitions Of The Pivotal Jouney In The Cybernetic Century Joseph Sheridan
2006 Scott Caspell Exploring The Influence Of The R.O.C. Integrated High School Program Leesa Fawcett
2006 Michael Lipkus Greening The Urban Environment: the Case Of Yonge And Egliton Barbara Rhader
2006 Hong Shen Understanding Of Urbanization In China- In Situ Urbanization Gene Desfor
2006 Elizabeth Charles The Marketing Of Breastmilk Substitutes In The Global South: Boycotting Nestle In An Era Of Globalization Ilan Kapoor
2006 Kristen Lowitt Reflections On Soundscape Activities For Environmental Education Deborah Barndt
2006 Tammara Soma The Environmental Dialectic Of Religious Persecution: The Ahmadiyya Case Mora Campbell
2006 Heddy Cordova Tourism In The Galapagos Islands Paul Wilkinson
2006 Nicole Marshall Liberating Life At The Local Level: Civic Resistance In the Fight For Democracy Ilan Kapoor
2006 Vicki VonZuben Project To Discover How Peple Come To Develop An Environemntal Awareness: Can It Be Fostered In A Workshop Setting? Mora Campbell
2006 Susan Delaney ABC'S And Nature: An Environmental Educational Booklet For Kindergarten Children in Afghanistan Mora Campbell
2006 Laura McNaught Closing The Gender Gap In Environmental Education: Repositioning Female Perspectives In The Curriculum Leesa Fawcett
2006 Amelia Aubeeluck Beach Erosion Due To Land Development Along The Coast Of Flic-En-Flac And Wolmar In Mauritius Peter Timmerman
2006 Adrian Dimoff Teaching to Think Critically About The Way The World Is Structured: The Key To change Joseph Sheridan
2006 Clare O' Connor Student Use of Common Space: What do we have in Common? Deborah Barndt
2006 Suzannah Bennett Drawing Where You Live: Child Participation and the Ecohealth Process in Chennai, TN Martin Bunch
2006 Krystina Faria Storytelling for Environmental Education Joseph Sheridan
2006 Justyna Pilarek Managing Water Quality of the Great Lakes Peter Victor
2006 Pamela Bezic The don Valley Brick Works Park: An Article Of Articulation Jennifer Foster
2006 Roxanne Fingal Approaching The Need For Housing In Trinidad And Tobago: A Case Study of Edinburgh 500 Chaguanas Gene Desfor
2006 Gordon Rutgers Taking Back The Sky: Conflict And Aviation In Pickering, Ontario, Canada Anders Sandberg
2005 Jaroslaw Losko Evaluation of the Ecological Integrity in the Carruthers Creek Watershed Martin Bunch
2005 Jennifer Brown A Bottled Resource: A Look Inside the Bottled Water Market Roger Keil
2005 Kevin Rosenfarb Children's Illustrated Environmental Story: "Change is for Certain" Cate Sandilands
2005 Kimberly A. Blayney The Social, Psychological and Physical Risks of Medical Biotechnologies: A new era in Healthcare Mora Campbell
2005 Dianne Oliphant Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation in the City of Toronto: An Awareness Campaign Through the Toronto Wildlife Centre Bonnie Kettel
2005 Emrys Davis Liberalization's Consequences For Ontario: International Experiences with Liberalization of the Electricity Sector Peter Victor
2005 Holly Tyson Sustainable Agriculture and Marginality: A Case Study of Kennett Square, Pennsylvania, USA Mora Campbell
2005 Michelle Quinlan Mining and Amerindian Women in Guyana Bonnie Kettel
2005 Ana Skinner Food Fight: Community Gardens as Resistance to the Corporate-Controlled Food System Gerda Wekerle
2005 Matthew Bruder Effects of Waterfront Park Development on Aquatic Ecosystems: A Study of Humber Bay and Mimico Linear Park Gene Desfor
2005 Jawara Gairey The Underrepresentation By People of Colour as Elected Representatives in the City of Toronto Stefan Kipfer
2005 Natsuki Gokita Is Ecotourism Good or Bad? In the Case of Yakushima, Japan Paul Wilkinson
2005 Meredith Hayes Unpacking the Community Lunchbox: A Food Centered Environmental Education Program Leesa Fawcett
2005 Chad Piche Gentrification in Toronto: An International Comparison Stefan Kipfer
2005 Edward Boakye The Impact of Agricultural Technology on Poor Small Scale Farmers in India Bonnie Kettel
2005 Joanne Pratile Teaching Urban Environmental Education: Perceptions and Experiences of Nature Leesa Fawcett
2005 Irina Ureche-Tr Invasive Species in a Changing World: Impacts and Control Efforts Lewis Molot
2005 Farrah Khan How Did the Shortage of Doctors, in Toronto, Become an Issue and How Did the Media Portray This Issue to the Public Harris Ali
2005 Laura Reinsboro Dancing Rather than Marching: Creating a Young Adult Hyperfiction as an Educational Environment for Environmental Education Leesa Fawcett
2005 Katherine Mitchell Brownfields Redevelopment: Policy in Ontario Peter Mulvilhill
2005 Karen Pietschma Bloor Street West Development on a Brownfield Harris Ali
2005 Precillia Mensales Black Bears and Human Interactions in Provincial Parks Fraser Fraser