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Student Research Titles

Year Student Title Supervisor
2013 Robin King-Stonefish Remembering and Revisiting Traditional Anishnaabe Knowledge Robin Cavanagh
2013 Stephen Ngonain Climate Policy and Green Economy Analysis: The Employment Effects of Renewable Energy in Ontario Jose Etcheverry
2013 Kirsten Cole Sustainable labour in Ontario's Sustainable Food Movement: Where Do Migrant Farmworkers Fit In? Deborah Barndt
2013 Michael Young Into the Abyss: A Theoretical, Critical and Creative Investigation into Apocalypticism and Environmental-Social Politics Catriona Sandilands
2013 Caitlin Langlois Greenham Praxis for Community Resilience: Linking Popular Education, Permaculture, and Food Justice in Community Food Projects Deborah Barndt
2013 Pauline Peters Talking Earth Robin Cavanagh
2013 Marialena Dimou Reawakening Experiences in Nature: Economic Valuation and Interspecies Relations Raymond Rogers
2013 Jose Yow Place-making for Social Sustainability: A Project at 6 St. Joseph House Peter Homenuck
2013 Ana Louise Leary Climate Change, Urban Waste Policy and Recycling Cooperatives in Sao Paulo, Brazil Elaine Perkins
2013 Stephanie Pinnington Feasibility Study Report: Lillian Wright Research Center, Alexander Skutch Biological Corridor, Costa Rica Jose Etcheverry
2013 Kendal Donahue An Evaluation of the Barriers and Opportunities in Implementing Food Policy: Lessons for Municipal Action on Food Systems Change Roderick MacRae
2013 David Lewis-Peart Fall Where They May: A Qualitative Exploration of the Impact of Many Men, Many Voices(3MV) Intervention on YBMSM in Toronto Sheila Cavanagh
2013 Gwendolyn Potter Public Participation in Planning as Urban Citizenship: Contrasting Two Conceptualizations of Citizenship in Toronto's Ward 20 Liette Gilbert
2013 Rachael Edge "Does My Voice Even Matter?": Interrogating Interrelationships Between Youth Identity, Marginalization, & Efficacy Within Youth Programming in Hamilton, ON Chris Cavanagh
2013 Samantha Lippa Bringing Conservation to Education Ray Rogers
2013 Nathan Schaffer Marseille? - A Political Economy of a Capital of Culture - 2012 Roger Keil
2013 Temitope Fowodu Collaborative and Sustainable approaches to Planning and Development in Developing Cities: The Case of Lagos State Elaine Perkins
2013 Angela MacNeil Capture and Control: Colonization and Decolonization in The Donald Marshall Jr. Story Geoffrey Reaume
2013 Travis Skelton Transportation Planning for Local Food Systems: A Modified Life Cycle Assessment of Green House Gas Emissions Associated with Food Freight Roderick MacRae
2013 Datejie Green Exposing Truths: Media Representations and African Conflict Anna Zalik
2013 Rebecca Mallinson Electricity Conservation Policy in Ontario: Understanding and Assessing a System in Progress Mark S. Winfield
2013 Naomi Smedbol Okairi Nasai: Candian Nisei Narratives of Trauma, Landscape, and Internment Catriona Sandilands
2013 Sean Gudgeon Case Comparison of Biological Corridor Projects in the Area de Conservation La Amistad Pacifico (ACLAP) of Costa Rica Peter R. Mulvihill
2013 Anna McIndoe The Distribution and Valuation of South Okanagan-Similkameen Grassland Ecosystem Services: A Planning Tool Peter Victor
2013 Karen Tomlinson A Vibrant Rexdale: An Investigation into a Nonprofit Youth Program that Promotes Community Development Chris Cavanagh
2013 Wali Haider Seed Labour, and Food Sovereignty: A Political Economy of Bt-Cotton Deborah Barndt
2013 Sally Morgan Dancing the Landscape: Embodying and Performing Place Leesa Fawcett
2013 Kelly Bray Cyclist identity: Perceptions of Self and Others as Cyclists in Toronto Harris Ali
2013 Jessica Turecek The Politics of Nuclear Energy Jose Etcheverry
2013 Claire Harvey Radical Planning in Gentrifying Williamsburg, Brooklyn Liette Gilbert
2013 Julia Moshkin The Solar Lease Model in Ontario: Best Practices, Regulatory Context, and Sustainability Jose Etcheverry
2013 Alissa Mae Campbell Institutional Procurement of Local Sustainable Food: A Path for Scaling Up Food System Sustainability Roderick MacRae
2013 Sundeep Virdi Bioart as a Possibility for Reconciling the Division Between nature and Art in Aesthetic Discourse Catriona Sandilands
2013 Kristy Kilbourne Planning for the 'Motor City' in a Post-Industrial Era Roger Keil
2013 Joshua Neubauer Planning for Improved Food Access in Toronto's Inner Suburban Apartment Tower Neighbourhoods Laura Taylor
2013 Camilia Changizi Planning for the Creative 'Suburban' City: A Comparison Between Two Suburban Downtowns, Vaughan and Surrey Laura Taylor
2013 Daniel Woolfson Governing and Funding Regional Transportation Authorities in the Contemporary Canadian City Mark Winfield
2012 Afshan Golriz Realities of a Tropical Paradise: An intergenerational environmental history of Volcán, Costa Rica in the face of a globalized economy John Vainstein
2012 Daniel Pomerants The Beaufort Sea Maritime Boundary Dispute: High Stakes for Canadian Arctic Sovereignty and Resource Extraction in a Changing Climate Dayna Scott
2012 Andrew Walker Process vs Performance Standards for Sustainable Meeting and Event Management John Stepan Wood
2012 Samia Tecle The Paradoxes of State-Led Transnationalism: Capturing Continuity, Change and Rupture in the Eritrean Transnational Social Field Ellie Perkins
2012 Stephanie Allport Toward a Sustainable Energy Economy in Ontario: Increasing Support for Combined Heat and Power and District Energy Jose Etcheverry
2012 Lauren King The Role of Tour Operators in Visitor Management Planning: The Case Study of Algonquin Provincial Park Paul Wilkinson
2012 Sara Burgess The Human Relationship to Non-human Nature: Christian and Place Based Perspectives Tim Leduc
2012 Roja Ghahari-Kouchesarae Human Rights, Women's Right and the Case of Iran Haideh Moghissi
2012 Kelvin Ng Suburban Urban Growth Centres: An Assessment Gerda Wekerle
2012 Alexander Mcclelland Toronto's Community-based HIV Response and the Role of People Living with HIV What's Changed and What's Stayed the Same? Sarah Flicker
2012 Dan Hammerschlag Exploitation of Wildlife in the Alexander Skutch Biological Corridor, Costa Rica: Wildlife, Drivers and Locally Based Mitigating Strategies Gail Fraser
2012 Veetal Rajkumar Conservation Concessions: The Case of the Upper Essequibo Conservation Concession Paul Wilkinson
2012 Abasi White Sanders Water Governance Within the Great Lakes' Region in the Context of Climate Change Adaptation Mark S Winfield
2012 Bahareh Toghiani Rizi Community Energy Planning: State of Practice in Canada Mark Winfield
2012 Kofi Amoh Inclusionary Zoning Practices for Affordable Housing in Toronto Stefan Andreas Kipfer
2012 Erin Konsmo Sexual & Reproductive Rights of Aboriginal Women in the Context of Environmental Justice Dayna N. Scott
2012 Susan Chalmers A Comparison of Climate Change Adaptation in Three Canadian Coastal Communities: Saanich, British Columbia, Iqaluit, Nunavut and Halifax Regional Municipality, Nova Scotia Mark Winfield
2012 Kerry Girvan Role of the City Planner in a Large Condominium Development: A Planning Case Study from Vision to Implementation H Peter Homenuck
2012 Andrew Nolan New Ethnicities Folkish Hethernry and Settler Identity Ravi De Costa
2012 Portia Mohlmann Food Insecurity Among University Students: Are Campus Responses having a Positive Impact Roderick MacRae
2012 Kirk Hatcher Alexandra Park: Dynamics of Redevelopment Stefan Kipfer
2012 Anita Ramjattan Toward Sustainable Communities through Quality Education in Ethiopia Exploring the potential of an Idigenous African Epistemological approach to Community Education Steven Alsop
2012 Danielle Widmer Climate Change and Agriculture: Toward a Resilient Food System Anna Zalik
2012 Camille Turner Evoking a site of memory: An Afrofuturist Sonic Walk that Maps historic Toronto's Black Geographies Honor Ford Smith
2012 Hinda Abdi The Securitization of Migration in the Post 9/11 World Anna Zalik
2012 Judith Arney The Human Ecological Role: A native Plant Propagation and Ecological Restoration Project in WSÁNEĆ Territory (Saanich, BC) Leesa Fawcett
2012 Elizabeth Lorimer Some, for all, forever A Case Study of Participation in Water Management in South Africa's Umgeni River Catchment Ellie Perkins
2012 Sean Hertel Suburbanism As a Way of Life: Seeing Beyond Built form Through the Greater Toronto Suburban Working Group (GTSWG) Roger H Keil
2012 Maria Christoforou Assessment of Ecosystem Service Values in King Township Justin Podur
2012 Joanne Groumpos Implications of Proposed U.S. State, Congressional, and Executive Branch Climate Change and Energy Policy Frameworks for Canada Mark S Winfield
2012 Jacqueline Nunes Seeking a Large-Landscape Vision for Conservation: The Case of Algonquin to Adirondacks (A2A) Paul Wilkinson
2012 Sean Patterson Race, Spaces of Labour, Neoliberalization Stefan Andreas Kipfer
2012 Colin Hayward Zen Buddhism and Climate Change Peter Timmerman
2012 Victoria Rowsell Public Participation in Wildlife Conservation Projects: fostering Sharp-tailed Snake stewardship in coastal British Columbia Paul Wilkinson
2012 Jay Willmot Operationalizing Feed-in Tariffs in Ontario A Solar PV Development Mark S Winfield
2012 Justine Walker Infectious Disease and Place: A Social Epidemiological Perspective of Tuberculosis and Homelessness Harris Ali
2012 Genevieve Allen Place-based Understandings of Culture: A participatory cultural mapping project in Kings County, Nova Scotia Deborah Barndt
2012 Nalisha Asgarali Trinidad and Tobago's Cocoa Industry: Exploring the Intersection Between Ecology and Economy of Cocoa Production Across Scales Patricia Elaine Perkins
2012 Terrance Luscombe Settler Solidarity within Colony and Settlement: A Historiography of Settler Solidarity with Indigenous Peoples in Canada Ravi De Costa
2012 Vanessa Higgins Oceanic Noise Pollution: Seismic Guidelines and Mitigation Measures for Sea Turtles Gail Fraser
2012 Jessica Dawe Unifying Justice: The Legal Marginalization of Wildlife in Spaces of Resource Extraction Dayna Scott
2012 David Hanley Restorative Social Practices Create Safe Schools and Caring Communities Leesa Fawcett
2012 Ron Ofer Ontario's Role in Planning Successful Combined Heat and Power Initiatives: Lessons Learned from Denmark José Etcheverry
2012 Jay Pitter Delve: Subjugated Narratives for Investigating Gendered Violence in Schools and Enhancing Safety Audits L. Anders Sandberg
2012 Timothy Hayward Bioregional Planning in Toronto Laura Taylor
2012 Alison Ryder Evaluating Public Engagement in Planning: Report of a Major Project Ellie Perkins
2012 Kareem Webster Deconstructing Lawrence Heights Through Planning, Race, and Space Liette Gilbert
2012 Candice Anderson Zero Waste Theory and Practice Velma Grover
2012 Stelios Aslanidis Global Navigation Satellite System Road Pricing in the Greater Toronto Area R L Liora Salter
2012 Justine Mannion The Use of Environmental Planning in Evaluating the Feasibility of Reintroducing Scarlet Macaws into the Alexander Skutch Biological Corridor, Costa Rica Gail Fraser
2012 Tanzil Islam Self-Barbarianization and Self-Civilization: State Resistance and Identity Construction in the Chittagong Hill Tracts Ravi de Costa
2012 Aabir Dey Social Enterprises and Alternative Agro-Ecological Food Networks: A Co-operative Business Model for Agro-Ecological Vegetable Seed Production Rod MacRae
2012 Marika Heinrichs Unsettling Lessons: Eurocentrism and History Education in Ontario Deborah Barndt
2012 Andria Oliveira Suburbia in Transition: An Analysis of the Urban Transformation of Mississauga's City Centre Ute Lehrer
2012 Stacey Reynolds Adventure Therapy at Project Canoe: Transformative Wilderness Experience for Youth Timothy Leduc
2012 Will Hill Termination or Transformation? A Cross-Examination of the Great Food Bank Debate Through A Case Study of North York Harvest Food Bank Rod MacRae
2012 Erin Shaw Small Farm and Inner City Collaborations Around Food: A Pre-Feasibility Study of a Multi-Stakeholder Co-operative in Milwaukee, Wisconsin Rod MacRae
2012 Jessica Whitbread Tea Time: A Tool for Social Change Deborah Barndt
2012 Dania Ansari Planning Opportunities and Challenges in the Dupont Corridor Edward Leman
2012 Vanessa Aubrey Consuming Nature: Reflections on Landscape and Authenticity at the Don Valley Brick Works Laura E. Taylor
2012 Stephanie Matveeva Community Planning and Design: The Influence of Good Planning and Urban Places Laura Taylor
2012 Joshua Jayasundara Litigation Stress in the Aftermath of a Canadian Technological Disaster Harris Ali
2012 Samira Drapeau Meeting Underdevelopment Challenges through Corporate Social Responsibility: A Case Study of the Mining Industry in the Democratic Republic of Congo Justin Podur