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Student Research Titles

Year Student Title Supervisor
2004 Julia Esrom Dogs, Shorebirds, and Conflict Management: Recreation & Ecological*Integrity at Long Beach, Pacific Rim National Park Reserve, British Columbia Paul Wilkinson
2004 Christina Polzot Carbon Storage in Coffee Agroecosystems of Southern Costa*Rica: Potential Applications for the Clean Development Mechanism Howard Daugherty
2004 Victor Woods The Vernon Log Yard, British Columbia, 1993-2002: Lessons for Ecological and Community Sustainability Anders Sandberg
2004 Jodi McGaw Voluntary&Collaborative Approaches in Effective Freshwater Resource*Mgmt:Canadian Perspective of Great Lakes Binational Toxic Strategy Edward Spence
2004 Yiqun Kuang West Don Lands Site Plan Gerald Daly
2004 Nicole Fernando Non-Profit Organizations and Corporations Working Together on the*Transition Towards Sustainability Femida Handy
2004 Cassidy Ritz Gentrifying the Last Resort Gerda Wekerle
2004 Sarah Miller Food Fight: Cultivating Democracy Through Alternatives to the Food* System Deborah Barndt
2004 Jack Moonias Indigenous Governance and the Environment: Jurisdictional Issues and Natural Resources Peter Cole
2004 Emilia De Francesco "A New Approach to Planning"; Reinvestment Strategies and *Land Use Planning in King-Spadina Ellie Perkins
2004 Deborah Norwood Can Compulsory Voting Address the "Democratic Malaise?" Liora Salter
2004 Sharmini Fernando Practicing Citizenship: Transnational Networks, NGO's and Civil Society Cate Sandilands
2004 Amanda Cook Human Attitudes Toward "Farm" Animals And Their Treatment*Within Animal Agribusiness, And The Implications For Individuals Ethical Praxis Leesa Fawcett
2004 Ryan Young Taking Nature Interpretation Seriously? A Qualitative Analysis of the Natural Heritage Education Program in Ontario Parks Mora Campbell
2004 Andrew Robinson A Remote-Community Energy Workbook and Paper on Resilient, Sustainable Energy Communities Peter Victor
2004 Kodjo Kwashie Pluralistic Planning Approaches: The Crucible for Multicultural Planning in the Jane-Finch Community? Liette Gilbert
2004 Sara Ballingall A Debt with Memory: Humanrights, Democratization and External Debt Roger Keil
2003 Ruth Rendon Urban Planning: Evolution of Urban Spaces Liette Gilbert
2003 Michaelann George Children Left Behind Liette Gilbert
2003 Kathryn Garforth The Ethics of Intellectual Property Rights on Genetically Engineered * Organisms Peter Timmerman
2003 Darja Sikorova On Dancing, Playing and Becoming Mora Campbell
2003 Sandra Iseman Drafting Environmental Design Guidelines Case Study: The Guthrie Property Peter Mulvihill
2003 Sharon Broughton Improving the Health of Children in Ontario aged 0-6 through Public Health Practice and Policy Change Raphael
2003 Abraham Kumah Environmental Monitoring and Sustainability in Gold Mining: The * Ghanaian Case Ellie Perkins
2003 J. Rowe Sights of a Blind Man: Reclamation of Ojibwa a Two Spirit Voice through Spiritually Inspired Narrative Mora Campbell
2003 E. Finkler Researching Dis/ability: Synagogue Accessbility in the Greater Toronto Area Barbara Rahder
2003 Tania Sarracini Preventing Smog Alerts: The Challenges in Implementing Smog Reduction Plans: A Key Part of Environmental Planning Rebecca Peterson
2003 Carol Altilia Planning for Diversity in the Global City: The Toronto Case Liette Gilbert
2003 Haiming Bao Policy Study for Hazardous Waste Management in China: Learning from Canadian Experiences Peter Victor
2003 Lara Newman Urban Environmental Planning and Design Liette Gilbert
2003 Dom Repta Confined Feeding Operations in Southwestern Alberta Cate Sandilands
2003 Sheila Rao South Asian Diasporic Identity: Local and Comparative Perspectives Liette Gilbert
2003 Pariss Garramone Wild Stories: Popular Education With a * Community of Women Forestry Workers Pomson
2003 Ireen Stender Why Spend Public Money on Green Roof Infrastructure? A Look At * Government Policy and Incentives in Germany and the Public/Private* Benefit of Green Roofs Liette Gilbert
2003 Mark Koch Planning for Growth: Balancing Urban Growth & the Agricultural Land Reserve in Kelona, B.C. Peter Mulvihill
2003 Pauline Craig The Same River Twice Catriona Sandilands
2003 Ari Laskin Animal Scenes: Tracking the Betrayal of Animality Otherwise with/in * Merleau-Ponty, Derrida and Levinas Joan Steigerwald
2003 Julie Lakis Design Guidelines and Standards for Greenways Along Urban Waterways Gerald Daly
2003 Lynnette Dube Feminist Housing Analysis of Housing Initiatives: Historical Utopias and Current Day Realities Barbara Rahder
2003 Christos Astaras Community-Based Design of a Buffer Zone Management Plan for Los * Cusingos Neotropical Bird Sanctuary, Costa Rica Howard Daugherty
2003 Monica Schuegraf Establishment of Seagrass Decline and Causatire Mechanisms in Pearl Lagoon, Nicaragua through use of Traditional Ecological Knowledge, Sediment Coring and Direct Visual Census Nigel Waltho
2003 Denver Nixon A Daoist Theory pf Environmental Resonance and the Pratice of Qigong James Miller
2003 Amjad Rihan Environmental Management Systems Environmental Auditing & Corporate Sustainability Reporting: * Tools for a Sustainable Business James McKenzie
2003 Lisa Roberti Integrating People and Nature in Urban Wilderness: Bringing together Concepts from Ecological Planning Design and Restoration to Address the Opportunities and Challenges of an Urban Ecological Regener Liette Gilbert
2003 Geoffrey Gillard Cross-Cultural Coalition-Building in Ottawa: Prospects for Challenging * Visible Minority and Immigrant Oppression Gerda Wekerle
2003 Jennifer Strickland Planning and Protecting Urban Natural Areas: The Rouge Park * Case Study Michael Hough
2003 Adriana Stagni Toronto Cohousing Initiative: Facilitating Community Planning by Residents Peter Mulvihill
2003 Heather Lash Justice-to-be-done telling stories before the Birth of the Plot Catriona Sandilands
2003 Patrick Lavoie Situating Forestry: Discourse Analysis, Public Consultations and Forest * Regime Reform in Quebec, 1998--2001 Anders Sandberg
2003 Sarah Freedman Risk Perception of Pesticides and Women's Health in Costa Rica Harris Ali
2003 John Cowhig Local Communities and Protected Areas: Attitudes of Local Residents toward Conservation and Management of Pico Bonito National Park, Honduras Howard Daugherty
2003 E. Finkler Researching Dis/ability: Synagogue Accessbility in the Greater Toronto Area Barbara Rahder
2003 Martha Bell Education for Sustainable Consumption Joe Sheridan
2003 Robert Norquay Immigrant Identity and the Nonprofit: A case study of the Afghan Women's Organization Gerde Wekerle
2003 Ann Novogradec Three Compositions on the Study of Cancer Harris Ali
2003 Syed Rizvi Discourse of Disease: Diabetes Mellitus Harris Ali
2003 Bruno Scopacasa Good Neighbourhood Design: Strengths and Limits of New*Urbanism in Cornell Liette Gilbert
2003 Diana Huet de Guerville From the Ivory Tower to the Streets and Back Again: Ecofeminist Reflections on * Resistance to Globalization in Theory and Practice Ellie Perkins
2003 Lai Tuen Mo High Technology Development and Community Planning A Comparative * Study of Kanata and Markham Peter Mulvihill
2003 Jennifer Veatch Exploring Visual Media Use in Food System Planning Peter Mulvihill
2003 Karen Scottie Odyssey of the Hyperreal (Anti) Hero: A Couch Potato's Epic Pornosophy of Becoming Catriona Sandilands
2003 Chi Wai Lee Capital City Development and Global City Formation in Berlin: * The Role of Planning Roger Keil
2003 Flavien Joubert Regulation of Urban Use Pesticides in Canadian Municipalities: A Case Study Involving Two Municipalities Harris Ali
2003 Catherine Pazderka The Impact of Intellectual Property Rights on Plant Genetic Resouces: Reconciling Trips with the Conservation of Biodiversity Drache
2003 Ofer Ben-Dov Developing a Renewable Energy Business Model for Israel Based on the * Cooperative Structure Robert MacDonald
2003 Karen Wong Healthy and Energy-Efficient Housing: Analysis and Design Wheeler
2003 Ibukun Omole An Integrated Needs Assessment in Environmental Health Promotion Barbara Rahder
2003 Johanna Robertshaw Social move Unionism inCanada and Historical Roots and Constraints & Prrresent Possibilities: The Case* of the CAW Gindin
2003 Carlos Velez Guerra The Aquablanca District: The Urban Poor's Access to Land in Cali Liette Gilbert
2003 Michael Hynes Land Use Policy - Airport Planning Peter Homenuck
2003 Eran Tzin Beyond the "Sand-Dunes and the Blue Sky": An Analysis of the Tel-Aviv's * Socio-Political Geography Roger Keil
2003 Danielle Filion Refugees, Transnationalism, Resource-Based Conflicts: A Case Study of Displaced People in the Great Lakes Region of Africa Peter Penz
2003 Xiaobo Feng Regulating and Capacity Considerations for the Implementation of Stormwater Management Models in the Greater Toronto Area Grant Sheng
2003 Anan Lololi Community Food Security David Morley
2003 Adon Irani Detailing the Dissident Globalization Bailey
2003 Leah Brown The Implementation of Community Projects: St Patrick's Foundation, Kingston Jamaica William Found
2003 Andrew Biggers Differential Assemblage Responses to Non-Selective Fisheries Pressure * in Discovery Bay, Jamaica Nigel Waltho
2003 Schaun Goodeve Sustainable Adventure Tourism: Exploring on Rural Mexican Community Paul Wilkinson
2003 Sangeetah Pabla Reconnecting with Sacred Water: An Appraisal of Community Based * Water Education in Ontario Joe Sheridan
2003 Kristi Ross Eco-modernist Discourse's Role in the Redefinition of Polluted Soil and the Refinement of Contaminated Site Law & Policy Roger Keil
2003 Sheila Waite-Chuah Sustainable Design: A course Outline for the Ontario College of Art and Design Liette Gilbert
2003 Robert Jefferson Woodbine Development: Neighbourhood Liveability Evaluation Liette Gilbert
2003 Shezadi Vallani Nexus Between Gender Poverty & Environment A Literature Review on* Micro-Credit Enterprise as Means for Sustainability in Rural Pakistan Ellie Perkins
2003 Caroline Barakat Haddad Water Quality Management: Road Salt Application in the Credit River Watershed Ellie Perkins
2003 Mike Brintnell The Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre Question? Why Do People Do This? Joe Sheridan
2003 Tracey Lue Scientific and Indigenous Knowledge Working Together: Environmental * Sustainability and Biodiversity Conservation in Southern Chile Anders Sandberg
2003 Leah Burns Imagining Potential: Transformative Educational Arts Practice Deborah Barndt
2003 Alexandra Tieman The Asa Wright Nature Centre: A Prototype for Sustainable Ecotourism in Trinidad and Tobago William Found
2003 Rina Cerrato Marketing Las Nubes Shade-Grown Coffee Bradshaw
2003 Anna Palamarchuk The Role of Collaborative Decision-Making in Land Use Planning: The Case of Ecotourism & Forestry in British Columbia and Ontario Paul Wilkinson
2003 Tony Perri Music and Environmental Education Henderson
2003 Adam Safruk Human, Environmental and Social Impacts of Ploycyclic Aromatic* Hydrocarbons Lewis Molot
2003 Lisa Friedberg Technological Rationality, Nature and the Transcendence Imperative: Consciousness for Change Horowitz
2003 Farouk Jiwa Small Business for Sustainable Community Development: * Honey Care Africa Robert MacDonald
2003 Monica Vazquez Tourism and Conservation in Southern Costa Rica Howard Daugherty
2003 Amelia Jindi Corporate Roles and Responsibilities for Conservation in Malaysia Ellie Perkins
2003 Rebecca Favaro Rooting Experience in Place: An Eco-Pedagogical Exploration of School Ground Naturalization Joe Sheridan
2003 Dania Majid The International Trade Regime's Impact on Environmental Law Ellie Perkins
2003 Sarah Dopp Unpacking the Box: The Dialectics of Commodification Deborah Barndt
2003 Thomas Phillips Development And The New Paradigm David Morley