Faculty of Environmental Studies


Student Research Titles

Year Type Student Title Supervisor
2013 PhD Dissertations Raymond Przybysz Sudden Cardiac Arrests and Neighbourhood Risk Factors in the City of Toronto: Explorations o Geospatial Analytical Methods Martin Bunch
2013 PhD Dissertations Isaac Osuoka Privatizing Dissent: Community, Civil Society, and Contested Hegemonies in Southern Nigeria Anna Zalik
2013 PhD Dissertations Jennifer Cypher The Pseudonymous Self: Links Between Freedom and Blogging Practice Leesa Fawcett
2013 PhD Dissertations Teresa Abbruzzese The Contested Production of Amusement in Southern Italy: Transgression through Rituals Liette Gilbert
2012 PhD Dissertations Suzanne Lee Hurley Women's Rights, Culture and Conflict Implementing Gender Policy in Amboko Refugee Camp, Chad William C. Found
2012 PhD Dissertations Michele Paule Martin Pous sa dife! Creolizing Environmental Education with Teachers in the Seychelles Islands Leesa Fawcett
2012 PhD Dissertations Ann Novogradec An Exploration of the Living and Working Environments of Esophageal Cancer Patients: Gaining a Contextual Understanding of the Risk Factors for Disease Harris Ali
2012 PhD Dissertations Savitree Sandra Sukhan Pedagogy of the Dispossessed: Exploring the Social Environment of Technical/Vocational Teacher Education Celia Haig-Brown
2012 PhD Dissertations Deidre Anne Wilcock Living Landscapes: 'Ethnogeomorphology' as an Ethical Frame of Communication in Environmental Decision-Making Peter, Gary Mulvihill, Brierley
2011 PhD Dissertations Duncan Scott Campbell Unsettled: Discourse, Practice, Context and Collective Identity among Mad People in the United States, 1970-1999 Geoffrey Reaume
2011 PhD Dissertations Tanya Chung Tiam Fook Sustaining Indigenous Lifeways through Collaborative and Community-led Wildlife Conservation in the North Rupununi, Guyana Leesa Fawcett
2011 PhD Dissertations Richard Fehr Who has Traded Cash for Creation? Approaching an Anishinaabeg Informed Environmental History on Bkejwanong Territory Joe, David Sheridan, McNab
2011 PhD Dissertations Alfred Metallic Ta'n teli'gji'tegen 'Nnu'igtug aq ta'n Goqwei Wejgu'aqamulti'qw L. Anders Sandberg
2011 PhD Dissertations Roxana Salehi Indicators of Access to Sexual Health Services for Toront0 Newcomer Youth Sarah Flicker
2011 PhD Dissertations Gavan Watson Multiple Acts of Birding: The Education, Ethics and Ontology of Bird Watching in Ontario Leesa K. Fawcett
2010 PhD Dissertations Janet Fishlock "But the White Man Peeked: Impacts, Opportunities & Dilemmas within Social Development & Private Sector Cooperation in the International Mining Sector in Sub-Saharan Africa Patricia Elaine Perkins
2009 PhD Dissertations Lauren Baker Emerging Biocultural Agrifood Relations: Local Maize Networks in Mexico Deborah Jean Barndt
2009 PhD Dissertations Suna Bayrakal Canadian Environmental Policy and Technology Change: Air Pollution and the Automobile Liora Salter
2009 PhD Dissertations Bruce Erickson Canoe Nation: Race and Gender in the Making of a National Icon Cate Mortimer-Sandilands
2009 PhD Dissertations Richard Oddie Alternate Routes, New Pathways: Development, Democracy and the Political Ecology of Transportation in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada Liette Gilbert
2008 PhD Dissertations Susannah Bunce Gentrifying Sustainability: Policy, Planning, and the Development of Sustainability on Toronto's Central Waterfront Gene Desfor
2008 PhD Dissertations Daniel Longboat Owehna'shon:a (The Islands) The Haudenosaunee Archipelago The Nature and Necessity of Bio-Cultural Restoration and Revitalization Raymond A Rogers
2008 PhD Dissertations Catherine Phillips Saving More Than Seeds: Natures, Technology, and Politics With/In Seed Saving Liette Gilbert
2008 PhD Dissertations Megan Salhus Resistance and Conformity: The Dialectic of Urban Cohousing Catriona Mortimer-Sandilands
2008 PhD Dissertations Jocelyn Thorpe Temagami's Tangled Wild: Race, Gender and the Making of Canadian Nature Anders Sandberg
2008 PhD Dissertations Stephanie Rutherford Governing Landscapes: Analytics of Power and the Commodification of Nature Gerda R Wekerle
2007 PhD Dissertations Traci Warkentin Captive Imaginations: Affordances for Ethics, Agency and Knowledge-Making In Whale-Human Encounters Lesa Fawcett
2007 PhD Dissertations Jenny Kerber Writing in Dust: Reading the Prairie Environmentally Cate Mortimer-Sandilands
2007 PhD Dissertations Timothy Leduc The Climate of Unknowing A Twelve Story Response to the West's Industrial Warming Ray Rogers
2007 PhD Dissertations Ellen Meadd Trust and Distrust in Environmental Risk Decision-Making: The Experience of Three Communities with Low-Level Radioactive Waste Management Paul Wilkinson
2007 PhD Dissertations Leela Viswanathan Postcolonial Planning: The Alternative Planning Group and the Transformation of Social Planning in Toronto at the Turn of the 21st Century Barbara Rahder
2007 PhD Dissertations Douglas Young Rebuilding the Modern City After Modernism in Toronto and Berlin Roger Keil
2006 PhD Dissertations Cheryl Katherine Lousley Subject/Matter: Environmental Thought and Contemporary Literature in English in Canada Mora Campbell
2006 PhD Dissertations Jennifer Foster The Social Construction of Landscape Continuity on the Niagar Escarpment and Oak Ridges Moraine: Whose Continuity? Whose Landscape? Anders Sandberg
2006 PhD Dissertations Nicholas Garside Feral Citizens, Democratic Ideals and the Politicization of Nature Anders Sandilands
2005 PhD Dissertations Colin Chambers Environmental Policy and Metal Mining in Ontario in the 1990's: How an Old Industry Gained New Power R. L. Liora Salter
2005 PhD Dissertations Bipasha Baruah Sisters are Doing it for Themselves: Challenges and Opportunities in Landed Property Ownership for Informal Sector Women in Urban India Bonnie Kettel
2004 PhD Dissertations Lenore Newman Dynamic Sustainability: Adaptation and Innovation in a Complex Environment David Morley
2004 PhD Dissertations Peter Andre The Global Politics of Agricultural Biotechnology and the Environment: Canada and the Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety Catriona Sandilands
2004 PhD Dissertations John Sandlos Northern Wildlife, Northern People: Native Hunters and Wildlife Conservation in the Northwest Territories, 1894-1970 Anders Sandberg
2003 PhD Dissertations Barbara Cassidy Getting Rid of the Indian Problem: Aboriginal Suicide as a Manifestation of Genocide Ellie Perkins
2003 PhD Dissertations Carole Leclair Metis Environmental Knowledge: La Tayr Pi Tout Li Moond Peter Homenuck
2003 PhD Dissertations Richard Milgrom Sustaining Diversity: Participatory Design and the Production of Urban Space Barbara Rahder
2003 PhD Dissertations Rita Lindayati Ideas And Policy Change: Indonesia'S Locally-Based Forest Management Policy
2003 PhD Dissertations Mark Meisner The Symbolic Domestication Of Nature: Environmental Discourse And Ideology In The Mainstream Media Landscape
2002 PhD Dissertations Andil Gosine Imag(in)ing Power, Culture, Difference: "Race"-racism in Popular Environmentalism Ilan Kapoor
2002 PhD Dissertations Lori Letts Organizing with seniors in an environment of local change:* A participatory research project Barbara Rahder
2002 PhD Dissertations Sherilyn MacGregor Beyond Mothering Earth: Ecological Citizenship and the Gendered Politics of Care Catriona Sandilands
2001 PhD Dissertations Sherry Rowley Paths of resistance, tracks of disruption on stereotypes, native/women's spirituality Mora Cambell
2001 PhD Dissertations Jean-Paul Vanderlinden Property Rights, Risk and Sustainable Development: Community Range Management in Niger Paul Wilkinson
2001 PhD Dissertations David Duval When Hosts Become Guests: Return visits Among Members of the Caribbean Community in Toronto, Canada Paul Wilkinson
2001 PhD Dissertations Elisabeth Abergel Growing Uncertainty: The Environmental Risk Assessment of Genetically Engineered Herbicide Tolerant Canola in Canada Mora Campbell
2001 PhD Dissertations Elizabeth MacEachren Crafting as a Pedagogy for Environmental Awareness Deborah Barndt
2000 PhD Dissertations Helen Hambly The implementaiton and institutionalisation of agroforestry in Western Kenya: A gender and agency analysis Bill Found
2000 PhD Dissertations Anne Bell Stories experiences of school based habitat restoration Lous Heshusius
2000 PhD Dissertations M Ann Phillips Mibilizing Community and Health Ourselves: A Feminist, Anti-Racial, Participatory Action Research Approach to Understanding Women's Health Based on Experiencse in Jardin, Sao Severio, Brazil David Morley
2000 PhD Dissertations Sophia Huyer Social Movements And Globalisation: Constructing social Knowledge for the 21st century Loira Salter
1999 PhD Dissertations Hugh McCague Building with God: Anglo Norman Durham, Bury St. Edmunds and Norwich Malcolm Thurlby
1999 PhD Dissertations Michael Polanyi A qualitaive analysis and critique of a "future research" conference reframing repetitive srain injuries for action Reg Lang
1998 PhD Dissertations Joanna Beyers The Forest Unbundled: Canada's National Forest Strategy and Model Forest Program Anders Sandberg
1997 PhD Dissertations Adrian Ivakhiv Places of Power: Sacred Sites, Gaia's Pilgrims, and the Politics of Landscape Jodi Berland
1997 PhD Dissertations Doug MacDonald Policy Communities and Allocation of Internalized Cost: Negotiation of the Ontario Acid Rain Program, 1982-1985 Liora Salter
1997 PhD Dissertations Andrew Satterthwaite Public Voices and Wilderness in Environmental Assessment: A Philosophical Examination of Resource Policy Decisions Liora Salter
1995 PhD Dissertations Femida Handy A Microfoundational Analysis of Non-Profit Organizations Peter Penz
1995 PhD Dissertations Michael S. Quinn The Natural History of a Collector: J.H. Fleming (1872-1940) Naturalists, Ornithologists and Birds Neil Evernden