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Student Research/Discussion Papers


The Elderly In The Suburbs: Social Planning in North York
Carol Bergum, Deborah Hierlihy, Jared Purdy, Yasmine Sinclair, Mark Weitz , April 1992 , 69pp. , $5.50 , ISBN 1-55014-181-3
This report is a joint effort by students in a graduate social planning course in the Faculty of Environmental Studies. The project was supervised by the course instructor, Professor Gerda Wekerle. The research covered a range of topic areas including: ethnoracial issues and seniors; transportation and the elderly; housing and the elderly; considerations for service delivery in suburban communities; and elder abuse. This report presents the findings on existing services for seniors in the City of North York. It also highlights gaps in service delivery and recommendations for actions to be taken.


Bibliography On Environmental Issues In Eastern Europe
V. Balaban , April 1991 , 24pp. , $2.00 , ISBN 1-55014-152-x
The bibliography offers a representative selection of environmental writings in Eastern Europe dealing with both natural and socio-economic aspects of the environment, and is expected to contribute to efforts for the ecological rehabilitation of the region. It is intended that the bibliography will be of assistance to researchers and administrators who deal with the pressing environmental questions facing the region.


Environmental Simulation Models In A Spreadsheet: Four Examples Involving Groundwater Decontamination, Woodlot Succession, Species Extinction, and Urban Transportation
H. Ling, T. Oliveri, Sutrisno , March 1991 , 36pp. , $3.00 , ISBN 1-55014-153-8
Spreadsheets are probably the most widely used microcomputer software, after word processing. They are user-friendly, easy to program, and have built-in graphing capabilities. Although designed originally for accounting and other kinds of financial applications, spreadsheets provide a perfectly adequate environment for simple environmental modeling. The four chapters in this monograph are reports on four projects carried out in a course on environmental modeling in the Faculty of Environmental Studies, York University, in the Fall of 1990. The common aim of these projects was to demonstrate the feasibility of environmental simulation modeling on a microcomputer with nothing more than a standard spreadsheet program. The results are clear. Environmental simulation modeling is accessible to anyone who can use a spreadsheet.


Multilateral Environmental Treaties, Conventions, And Agreements: Implementation and Compliance in Canada
C. Embree , April 1990 , 115pp. , $10.00 , ISSN 0830-1468
This document is an invaluable resource for governmental, educational, and NGO groups. It includes an inventory and assessment of all the major multilateral environmental treaties, conventions, and agreements to which Canada is a party.


Satellite Reception Policy: A "Dish" in Every Backyard?
Glenn L Pothier , April 1986 , 15pp. , $3.00 , ISBN 1-55014-000-0
The use of television receive-only earth stations (TVRO’s) has made it possible to receive television signals direct from satellite transmissions, bypassing such conventional carriers as broadcasters and cable companies. The ability to bypass these conventional carriers, coupled with the increased usage of TVRO’s, has transformed this technology. From a fundamental challenge to the status quo in technology, into a fundamental challenge to the status quo in broadcasting. This report is intended to be an exploration of a contemporary issue of public policy.


Environmental Impact Assessment Of The Derry Road Realignment: An Issue-Oriented Approach
David Lewis, Jeff Beedell, Ralph Baehre, Bob Felker , December 1983 , 47pp. , $3.00 , ISBN 0-919762-66-2
1980 EIA Workshop Group, edited by Audrey Armour.


Ecological Approaches To Land-Use Planning
Ian Veitch , June 1978 , 74pp. , $2.00 , ISBN 0-919762-65-4


Leisure And The Preservation Of Rare Environments In Industrial Society
Arlin , April 1977 , 72pp. , $2.00 , ISBN 0-919762-63-8


Modeled World Futures: Aspects of a Cybernetic Approach to Global Order
William Cundiff , February 1977 , 69pp. , $2.00 , ISBN 0-919762-62-x


Workers’ Participation: A Case Study of Supreme Aluminum Industries Limited
Jacquelynne Mansell , April 1976 , 36pp. , $2.00 , ISBN 0-919762-61-1
Towards A Theory For Environmental Planning
Gary Paget , April 1976 , 84pp. , $2.00 , ISBN 0-919762-60-3


Innovative Development Policy For Southern Manitoba: Industry and Manufacturing
Wayne Bond , November 1975 , 42pp. , $2.00 , ISBN 0-919762-59-x