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PhD Environmental Studies Students Association (PhESSA)

PhESSA is the PhD students' association at FES. Our mandate is to look after the rights and interests of doctoral students, and through student representation on Faculty committees, PhESSA ensures students have a strong voice in the governance and direction of the PhD program. We are a unique part of the Graduate Environmental Studies Students Association (GESSA), which represents us in some capacities with the rest of the university. 

PhESSA uses a consensus-based decision-making process, with two co-chairs elected each year to liaise between students, faculty, and staff. The current PhESSA co-chairs are Ronak Ghorbani Nejad and Ciann Wilson.

In addition to holding monthly meetings during the academic year, PhESSA sponsors regular social events and the annual FES Research Matters Symposium.

For more information on upcoming PhESSA meetings and events, visit the PhESSA blog, or follow @FESPhD on Twitter.