Faculty of Environmental Studies Faculty Council

The Faculty of Environmental Studies Faculty Council usually meets once every month, September through May.

Please see our Calendar* for more details.

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*Note: You can filter the dates by selecting "Faculty Governance Meetings" from the category drop down.


  • Chair of Council
  • Vice-Chair
  • Dean
  • Secretary of Council (non-voting)
  • All members holding full-time appointment
    whose home Faculty is FES.
  • 2 part-time FES faculty
  • 2 Support staff members (elected by full-time staff)
  • 3 CPM staff members (designated FES managers)
  • Executive Officer
  • Director, OSAS
  • Director, IT &Facilities
  • Manager, Strategic Enrolment and Communications
  • The following officers of the University:
    Chair of Senate

Policies and Procedures for Faculty Council