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MES students are encouraged to apply for entrance, internal and external research awards, scholarships and grants, as well as paid employment in the form of graduate and/or teaching assistantships. For more information about financial assistance and funding, visit FES Financial Support

Graduate assistantships (GAs)

Graduate assistantships and other forms of funding are normally allocated with a student’s offer of admission.  The specific jobs/tasks are allocated through a process conducted by OSAS each year.

Teaching assistantships (TAs)

MES students may apply for teaching assistantships. A few teaching assistantships are available to MES students within FES, and additional opportunities exist throughout the University. In order to be considered for these positions, students should complete a CUPE Unit 1 ‘blanket application’ form and submit it to each department they are interested in working for.  Information and a blanket application form are available at http://www.yorku.ca/hr/documents/CUPE_3903_Unit_1_Blanket_Application.pdf

Internal funding

FES offers internal funding opportunities to MES students. To research FES funding opportunities, please visit Financial Support. Queries may be directed to jcesario@yorku.ca.

External funding

External awards include Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) scholarships and Ontario Graduate Scholarships (OGS).  The Student Resource Assistant provides information to current students regarding the availability of funds that may assist them in completing their programs. To receive notices of external funding opportunities, students must register for the MES-Info Listserv at FES Community Listservs

Research activities and conference travel funding

MES students are encouraged to seek funding to support travel to conferences and other research activities through the Graduate Environmental Studies Student Association (GESSA) located in HNES 136B and the Graduate Student Association (GSA) located in 325 Student Centre. 

The Faculty of Graduate Studies (FGS) also maintains a database of fellowships, assistantships, scholarships, awards, and prizes (see http://www.yorku.ca/grads/financial/index.htm). Other funding opportunities are offered through York University's Office of Student Financial Services (http://sfs.yorku.ca) and York International for international students (http://international.yorku.ca).