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Important dates

Below please find two sets of important dates:

Academic dates and deadlines for MES students in the Faculty of Environmental Studies

These dates are provided to assist you in managing the administrative requirements of your program. Please note that these dates are for the Faculty of Environmental Studies only. If you are taking courses through another graduate program at York or another University you will need to be aware of their dates and deadlines (for example, during Block Week at FES other programs may still hold classes).

Academic dates and deadlines 2013-2014

  Fall Term
Winter Term
Summer Term 2014
Registration and enrolment begins for all students.
June 4/Tues
Nov 11/Mon
Apr 1/Tue
Opening day of term.
Sept 1/Sun
Jan 1/Wed
May 1/Thu
Orientation for incoming graduate students.
Aug 26-28
Course consultation, advising and enrolment.
Aug 26-Sep 9
Dec 9-20
Apr 1-30
Registration and enrolment for incoming students
Aug 28/Wed
Last date for all students to register & enrol in courses after which a $200.00 late fee will be charged.
Sep 9/Mon
Dec 20/Fri
Apr 22/Tue
FES graduate courses begin.
Sep 9/Mon
Jan 6/Mon
Dates vary depending on course
Last date for students to change course enrolments.
Sep 20/Fri
Jan 17/Fri
May 14/Wed
Automatic withdrawal from Faculty of unregistered graduate students.
Sep 30/Mon
Jan 31/Fri
May 30/Fri
Last date for submission of incomplete course work from previous term.
Oct 11/Fri
Feb 14/Fri
Jun 13/Fri
Co-curricular week: no regular graduate classes - no exams - university open
Oct 30-Nov 3
Feb 17-21
Last date for Course Directors to change grades of Incomplete from previous term: (If a grade change is not submitted, the I automatically becomes a U.)
Oct 25/Fri
Feb 28/Fri
Jun 27/Fri
Incoming students' initial plan of study due to Advisor for review process.
Nov 8/Tue
Application for award of MES degree for deposit of examinable Major Project, Paper and Portfolio (Note: if you are doing a Thesis please check deadline with OSAS as it is different).
Nov 29/Fri
Mar 31/Mon
Jul 31/Thu
FES graduate courses end - all course material due.
Dec 6/Fri
Apr 4/Fri
Dates vary depending on course
Last date to hold General Examinations for all MES students.
Dec 13/Fri
Apr 25/Fri
Aug 29/Fri
MES Final Examinations.
Jan 17 & 24
Apr 28 & 29
Aug 26, 28, 
Sep 5
(Aug 27 if required)
Closing day of term.
Dec 31/Tue
Apr 30/Wed
Aug 31/Sun
Course grades and evaluations due from Course Directors.
Jan 3/Fri
May 5/Mon
Sep 5/Fri

York University special dates and holidays

These dates indicate when the University is closed or classes are cancelled and apply to all York students.

Fall Term 2013

Labour Day

Sep 2/Mon

University closed


Oct 14/Mon

University closed

Fall Convocation Oct 16-18  
Christmas / New Year's Break Dec 24 - Jan 1 inclusive University closed

Winter Term 2014

New Year's Day

Jan 1/Wed

University closed

Family Day

Feb 17/Mon

University closed

Good Friday

Apr 18/Fri

University closed

Summer Term 2014

Victoria Day

May 19/Mon

University closed

Spring Convocation



Canada Day

Jul 1/Tue

University closed

Civic Holiday (Simcoe Day)

Aug 4/Mon

University closed