External Funding Sources

Links to external funding programs and resources

Alberta Learning Information Service
Association for Women’s Rights in Development
Canada-US Fulbright Program
Canadian Bureau for International Education
Canadian Institutes for Health Research (CIHR)
Fellowships in Public Service
Foreign Affairs Canada – Scholarship site
Northern Alberta Institute of Technology
Ontario Council on Graduate Studies
Scholarships Canada
The Shastri Institutue – Programmes and Awards
Soros Foundation Network – Open Society Institute
Student Research Opportunities (through York’s Research Office)
University of New Brunswick external scholarship list
University of Waterloo Graduate Studies Online Scholarship Database Search Engine

Other places to look for awards

  • Scholarships for employees’ dependents
  • Volunteer or interest based organizations – (e.g. Girl Guides of Canada, 4H club, Rotary club)
  • Cultural organizations
  • Professional associations – check out the list on the Charity Village website.
  • Unions – many provide funding for their members or their dependents
  • Essay competitions – search for these on the internet or look specifically at academic journal, magazine or publishing sites. (Why not use essays you have already written to make some extra money?)
  • Poster competitions – usually involve presenting a project or poster at a conference, conference fees and transportation are usually covered and often financial awards for the best project are provided
  • Other university websites (especially those in the town where you grew up) – These often have lists of scholarships that are specific to a certain region
  • Municipalities or cities – often offer scholarships to their long time residents
  • Corporations – many offer financial support or material awards for academic performance, financial need or specific essays or projects
  • Research centers – often have scholarships/funded internships specifically for students to work at these organizations on particular projects or subjects
  • Hospitals – often offer research scholarships to investigate or promote certain issues
  • Societies – such as conservation societies often offer awards for students studying things of interest to them
  • Conferences and events – often offer travel or registration discounts or essay prizes