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BES fees and financial support

Attending university and completing your degree will be one of the best investments you ever make. It may seem expensive at times, however, there are many ways to offset the costs of attending university. We have a variety of scholarships, awards and bursaries available to incoming and continuing students.

To learn about and apply for the awards we offer exclusively to Environmental Studies students, visit the Awards for BES Students page, located in the Financial Support section of our website.

In addition, each year, York University distributes millions of dollars in scholarships, awards and bursaries to students from all the various programs offered. To make sure you qualify for as many awards as possible, be sure to complete the York Student Financial Profile. Completing the profile is like applying for many awards all at the same time!

There are many awards and opportunities available to York students. Visit York’s Office of Student Financial Services for additional information such as options to help you pay for schooltuition fees and much more!