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Admission Requirements

* Meeting minimum admission requirements does not guarantee admission

Science experience welcome but not required — you do not need a science background for admission to Environmental Studies. While our program is connected with the sciences, particularly biology, it focuses on the relationship between the natural environment and other kinds of environments. You will not be at a disadvantage if you do not have science experience. Your courses will include everything you
need to know.

Ontario High School Applicants Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) and six 4U or 4M courses, including ENG4U. Francophone applicants may present FRA4U, FEF4U or FIF4U.

High School Applicants form Other Canadian Provinces Same general requirements as for university study in your home province.

Applicants Transferring From a Community College Completion of a diploma program or at least two full semesters at an accredited college or one year of full-time academic studies at an accredited college.

Applicants Transferring From Another University Completion of at least 4 full courses or 1 year of full-time degree studies at an accredited university.

Mature Student Applicants You will be considered for admission as a mature student if you:

  • will be 21 years or older as of the
    first day of classes;
  • have been out of full-time high
    school studies for at least two years
    or have returned to upgrade after a
    two year absence;
  • have attempted less than one full
    year of studies at an accredited
    university or college;
  • do not have a recent unfavourable
    academic record;
  • have demonstrated potential for
    success through academic,
    professional or volunteer activities
    and other accomplishments.

International Applicants For most countries we consider the same academic preparation required for university entrance in that country. Please check for details.

To learn more about the admissions requirements to our program and to apply, please visit York’s Future Students page.

Transfer Credit

If you are transferring from an accredited college or university you may be eligible for transfer credit. Depending on your previous studies, you may either receive block credits or specific course exemptions.

If you have completed or are completing the International Baccalaureate (IB), Baccalauréat français, Caribbean Advanced Placement Examinations (CAPE), taking A-Levels within the GCE curriculum or Advanced Placement courses you may also be eligible for transfer credit.

All transfer credit decisions are made on an individual basis only after you have been admitted and accept our offer of admission. You will find out how much transfer credit you are eligible to receive at your enrolment appointment.

To learn more about York’s transfer credit policies, please visit Future Students page.