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Your upper years

After your first year of core courses, you’ll choose from one of four Areas of Concentration to best suit your interests — allowing you to graduate with a specialized degree in an area you’re passionate about.

Areas of Concentration

Environmental Politics: Development, Globalization and Justice
Urban & Regional Environments: Analysis, Planning and Design
Environment & Culture: Philosophy, Arts, Technology and Education
Environmental Management: Policy, Resources and Conservation

Customize your education

Certificate programs
Obtain additional specialization without lengthening the time to complete your degree.

Certificate in Community Arts Practice
Certificate in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) & Remote Sensing

Certificate in Refugee & Migration Studies
Certificate in Sustainable Energy — NEW!
Certificate in Urban Ecologies

Dual Credentials Program with Ontario colleges
Earn a college diploma in combination with your Environmental Studies degree. Complete your studies more quickly than by taking both programs separately.

Ecosystem Management with Fleming College
International Development with Humber College
Urban Sustainability with Seneca

Combine Environmental Studies with other York programs

Double Major or Minor in Liberal Arts & Professional Studies
Select from a wide range of programs such as French, political science, communication studies and business -- many choices to choose from.

Double Major or Minor in Health
Double major or minor in Kinesiology or Psychology or minor in health policy, health management or health informatics.

Minor in Fine Arts
Dance, film, music, visual arts or theatre.

Minor in Science
Biology, environmental biology, chemistry, physics, astronomy, earth & atmospheric science or math.

Co-Register with Education
Apply during your second year to earn your teaching credentials concurrently.