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Graduate diplomas

Diploma in Environmental/Sustainability Education

Focus your studies on the environmental implications of education and the broad role education plays in sustainability. Offered jointly by the Faculty of Environmental Studies and the Faculty of Education, this diploma will allow educators in schools, community organizations, cultural institutions and advocacy groups to develop expertise and participate in research in the field of environmental and sustainability education.

This diploma is open to two groups of students:

  • graduate students enrolled in the Faculty of Environmental Studies or the Faculty of Education
  • community members interested in taking the diploma by itself through the Faculty of Education

See the complete details of the Diploma in Environmental/Sustainability Education in the current students section of our website.

Diploma in Business and the Environment

NOTE: Spaces in this diploma program are limited. Admission into the MES program does not guarantee that you will be able to pursue this option. More details will be provided during the MES admissions process.

Get a solid grounding in “new-style” business and environment skills for the 21st century economy. Offered jointly by the Faculty of Environmental studies and the Erivan K. Haub Program at the Schulich School of Business and taken as part of either the MES or MBA degree, this diploma provides the perspectives, critical understanding, tools, skills and recognition for York Master’s graduates to become leaders in their chosen career paths.

See the complete details of the Diploma in Business and the Environment in the Current Students section of our website.

Diploma in Refugee and Migration Studies

Specialize in the area of refugee and migration studies and gain the stills and knowledge to serve the Canadian and international communities in a vital area of public and humanitarian policy. This diploma is offered through York University’s Centre for Refugee Studies – see their Graduate Diploma Program page for program details.

Other diplomas at York

Other diplomas available to York University graduate students include: