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MES Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much is tuition?

Tuition amounts can be determined by using the Graduate Students Fees Tables.

2. What types of funding/scholarships are available for graduate students?

Visit our scholarships & financial aid page for a summary of some of the various forms of financial assistance available to graduate students.

3. How long is the MES program?

The MES program is 2 years (6 terms) of full-time study.

4. Can I begin my program in the winter term?

Admission is for the Fall term only, beginning each September.

5. How can I check to make sure you received all my documents?

The only way is to call us at 416-736-5252. However, before you call, please remember that our busiest period is from January to April, so it may take several weeks for our database to show your documents as received.

6. Can I request my documents back once I submit them?

Materials submitted become the property of the University and cannot be returned.

7. How will I find out whether I’ve been offered admission?

You’ll be sent a letter in the mail. You can also check your status online through MyFile. To access MyFile you need a student number. This number is included in the letter sent to you by the Office of Admissions to acknowledge your application. If you haven’t received your acknowledgement letter, please be patient – it takes at least two weeks from the date we receive your application for the acknowledgement letter to be sent to you. MyFile will only show you that we’re received your application and any admission decision that has been made. It will not show you whether or not we have received your supporting documents.

8. What should I do once I receive an offer of admission?

You will receive an information brochure along with your offer of admission. Please read the information in the brochure and in your offer of admission carefully, as they will outline the next steps you must take as well as any conditions on our offer of admission.