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Research themes

The two major fields of doctoral research in the FES are Nature, Culture and Society and Environments, Institutions and Interventions. However, within those fields, the following themes can be seen as illustrating the breadth of research activities in the Faculty:

  • Action research and community-based decision making
  • Aboriginal/first nation issues
  • Cultural production and environmental cultural studies
  • Environmental and ecological economics
  • Environmental history
  • Environment and sustainability education
  • Environment politics, policy and regulation
  • Environmental thoughts, philosophy and ethics
  • Food security and sustainable agriculture
  • Gender, feminism and environments
  • Governance, justice and democracy
  • Globalization and international development
  • Health and environments
  • Human and more-than-human relationships
  • Planning theory and practice
  • Resource conservation and environmental management
  • Technology and environmental communication
  • Urban sustainability

For more examples of PhD fields of study, please search the PhD dissertation titles in the Research & publications section of our website.