Choosing Courses and Enrolling

Our graduate courses have the prefix ENVS but some courses are cross-listed in other faculties. This list of courses and their scheduling are subject to change.

While most courses are offered every year, some courses are offered only in alternate years. It is also possible for students to enrol in a course outside of FES, to take an existing FES course for extra credits, or to design their own course as an individual directed study).

Various forms for enrolment in courses, notably for individual directed study and field experience descriptions, are available in the FES Graduate Dossier System.

All enrolment forms (except for courses taken in another graduate program or 4000-level undergraduate courses) should be submitted through the FES Graduate Dossier System. Incomplete enrolment forms will delay processing and may be returned to the student for more information.

This list contains multiple pages and can be searched by course number, term, year or days of the week.

Graduate Course Search

York courses outside of FES

Students can take courses in other graduate programs at York where there is a demonstrated need to do so in an approved Plan of Study. To enrol in a graduate course outside of FES, students must fill out a ‘Request to take courses in another Graduate Program at York’ form available in the FES Graduate Dossier System and submit the form to OSAS for approval from the host and home programs. It is strongly recommended that students contact the course director ahead of time to make sure that they can take the course. Students must also enrol in the non-FES graduate course in REM and in the FES Graduate Dossier System.

Request to take an FES course for additional credits

Students requesting to take an ENVS course for additional credits must complete the “Request to Take Course for Additional Credits” form in the FES Graduate Dossier System and indicate the number of additional credits (generally 3) requested. The student must describe in detail what additional work will be done to justify the extra credit. Students must obtain the course director’s pre-approval before submitting the form. Such request must be submitted before the registration and enrolment deadline, and are subject to approval by the Graduate Program Director.

Individual directed study (IDS)

If a student’s plan requires them to acquire specific knowledge or skills that cannot be acquired through an existing graduate course at York, then the student may propose to do an individual directed study (ENVS 6599). To enrol in an IDS course, a student will list the course on their advising form, and submit a detailed description of the work to be undertaken in the term (as well as the name and contact information for the instructor, the form and frequency of the proposed contacts with the instructor, a description of the expected final output for the course, and the basis for evaluation of student performance by the instructor, as well as a bibliography). Both forms are submitted through the FES Graduate Dossier System, are subject to enrolment deadline and approval by the Graduate Program Director.

Field experience

A ‘field experience’ course (ENVS 6699) earns students credit while they work or volunteer in the field. Field experience placements must be related to the plan of study and must be approved by the student’s advisor. Students require an on-site field supervisor at the placement as well as an in-faculty instructor to evaluate their field experience report at the end of the term. Most MES students obtain 3 to 12 credits of field experience (maximum is 24 credits). A work placement of 8-10 hours per week for 12 weeks is equivalent to 3 credits. OSAS Student Resource Assistant may assist students in finding suitable field experience placements. A student wishing to enrol in this course must first secure a field experience position. The course is listed on the term’s advising form submitted along with a description of the field experience enrolment in the FES Graduate Dossier System.  Forms must be submitted the enrolment deadline, and are subject to approval by the Graduate Program Director.

At the end of the term, students must prepare a field experience report and submit it to the faculty supervisor by the last day of classes in that term. Guidelines for setting up a field experience and writing the field experience report, can be found at: MES Forms Section.

4000 Level Undergraduate Course

Under certain circumstances an advisor may suggest that a student take a 4000 level undergraduate course. To enrol in such course, students must fill the “Letter of Permission – Graduate Student to Enrol in an Undergraduate Course” (available in the FES Graduate Dossier System) and submit it OSAS for approvals.