Community services and Involvement

MES students are members of the Graduate Environmental Studies Students’ Association (GESSA) and the Graduate Students’ Association (GSA).

GESSA is the student-run organization for graduate students in FES, and is an associate member organization of the Graduate Students' Association (GSA) at York. All graduate Environmental Studies students are automatically members of GESSA and are entitled to the use of its resources and services. The executive coordinates the general activities of the association and provides information on Faculty policy, issues and events to the student body. Members also act as liaisons between the Faculty and students as needed. Elected delegates represent MES students on various FES committees and at other levels of governance on campus. GESSA holds general meetings at which students are encouraged to participate and share ideas.

GESSA sponsors various student-run programs such as the Maloca Community Garden. Each semester, GESSA also sponsors social events and other community building activities. Funding for conferences and research is available through both the GESSA Research and Travel Fund and the GSA.

The Graduate Students’ Association (GSA) represents the majority of graduate students at York University and provides support with issues such as health-care coverage, conference and research travel funds, as well as advocacy on issues such as tuition and university governance. Representatives from GESSA sit on the GSA council and participate in university-wide initiatives.

MES representation on FES and other governing committees

MES students serve as representatives on FES governing committees. Representation on FES committees helps ensure that the interests of MES students are considered in decision-making processes. GESSA nominates representatives on Faculty and University committees each September.  Check out the Faculty Governance section for more information.