Registration and Enrolment

MES students are expected to register (i.e., to accept fees) in REM and to enrol in courses for each term of the program in both REM and the FES Graduate Dossier System. Students register and enrol in courses during Fall, Winter and Summer terms. Course offerings are limited in the summer term and so summer registration typically involves Individual Directed Study and/or Field Experience credits. Students must also register and enrol in the appropriate courses at the MES III stage, i.e., major research papers, projects and portfolios.

Registration in REM is done using the Passport York online system. Enrolment involves adding courses in REM and also completing a ‘Graduate Course Advising’ form in the GES Graduate Dossier System that indicates all the courses the student is intending to take in the upcoming term (Both REM and the Graduate Dossier enrolment must match perfectly). By accepting their fees each term, students are deemed to have registered for the term of study. It is the responsibility of the student to register (i.e., accept their fees in REM) before the deadline. A $200 fee applies to late registration.

Changes in course enrolment

Before the deadline to change enrolment each term, students can change the courses they are enrolled in by completing the “MES Petition to Change Course Enrolment” in the FES Graduate Dossier System. Students can also drop and add courses, using Passport York, before the deadline. In order to drop a course after the deadline has passed, students must use the “MES Petition to Retroactively Withdraw from Course” in the FES Graduate Dossier System. A grade of Withdrawn (W) will be assigned for courses dropped after the deadline.

Registration and enrolment block

A student’s registration and enrolment may be blocked if the student requires a general exam. The student may also be blocked because of financial debt or a problem with enrolment paperwork from a previous term. Students may inquire about the reason for a block by contacting OSAS.

Withdrawal and leave of absence

Students may withdraw or be withdrawn from the program at any time. If a student voluntarily withdraws and their academic record is in good standing, it is possible for them, under certain re-admission or re-instatement requirements, to come back later to finish the program.  It is extremely rare that students withdrawn for academic reasons (such as failure to maintain acceptable academic standards) are allowed to re-enter the program.

Under some circumstances, students may petition to take a leave of absence. There are two types of leaves: compassionate and elective. A compassionate leave of absence can be taken anytime after the first term of study for personal or medical reasons. Requests for compassionate leaves using the Faculty of Graduate Studies’ “Academic Petition” must be supported by a rationale explaining the circumstances, as well as any other supporting documentation (e.g., medical doctor’s note). A timeline of how the student intends to complete the program after the requested leave is highly recommended.  An elective leave can be taken for one term only following the first term of study and prior to Term 5 of the MES program. Completion of an elective leave of absence form is required. For the elective leave of absence students cannot have any incomplete grades or outstanding course work from previous terms. Students must be actively registered for the term prior to the term of completion. Students petition for the elective leave using the Faculty of Graduate Studies’ “Academic Petition.”

“Academic Petitions” and supporting materials are submitted to OSAS for the Graduate Program Director’s recommendation by the deadlines listed in the Academic Graduate Calendar.