Services, Facilities and Opportunities

During the MES program, students have access to a network of academic and other resources that are housed both within the Faculty and within the broader York University community.

In addition to the computer labs in the HNES building, MES students have two student lounges available for their use: one is located on the main floor of HNES outside of OSAS, and the other -- for MES students’ exclusive use -- is in HNES 204. MES student mailboxes are located behind the Zig-Zag Gallery in the lounge outside OSAS. Faculty mailboxes are located in the reception area.

Photocopying for students is not available in the HNES Building. The closest photocopiers are in the Scott Library and the Copy Centre located in Central Square.

MES Listservs
FES offers two MES listservs: an official listserv (fes_mesinfo) and a dialogue listserv (fes_mes_alt). Postings on the official listserv are made only by the listserv administrator and by sending information to MES students are automatically subscribed to this listserv to receive all official announcements regarding the MES program. Postings to the dialogue listserv are made directly. Subscription information on both listservs is available at FES Listservs.

OSAS- Office of Student and Academic Services (HNES 137)
OSAS, the administrative office for MES program requirements, provides information and resources, and manages issues related to registration, enrolment, student dossiers, FGS communication and convocation. OSAS is open for student inquiries Monday to Friday from 8:30am to 4:15pm in Fall and Winter terms. Summer schedule might vary.

OSAS- Student Resource Assistant
This office provides information for current students regarding the availability of funds (internal and external) for academic support. You can also book an appointment with an Awards Advisor by contacting the Student Resource Assistant. It also provides access to employment and networking opportunities; career advising and individualized support; and links to other alumni professionals, industry associations and labour market information. MES students should consider signing up for our Career Services listserv and may view job opportunities exclusive to FES students and graduates at Careers Board section. They can also book an appointment with an environmental career specialist by contacting the Student Resource Assistant or by visiting OSAS. Students interested in participating in career programs, workshops and networking events should visit Careers Board section.

FES Computing Services (FEScomp)
FES  operates three computer labs on the second floor of the HNES building that are available for use by MES students. In addition to these labs, MES students can benefit from the York wireless network. For more computing information, see Computing section.

FES Graduate Writing Centre (HNES 286)
The writing centre’s mandate is to help graduate students develop their own writing skills and processes. The centre offers support, advice, strategies, and troubleshooting on specific writing projects. The centre can also provide students with a variety of text, internet, and in-person resources that can improve their writing. Open workshops are offered during the fall term; thirty-minute individual and small group sessions are available throughout most of the year and must be booked in advance by emailing the Graduate Programs Writing Tutor.

The Wild Garden Media Centre (HNES 266)
The media centre is a valuable resource for all members of the FES community who wish to use media arts for research, course projects, teaching or learning practices. Named in memory of the late dian marino, a FES faculty member, the media centre has video and still cameras (and accessories) and a digital editing system. Workshops are offered throughout the year. For more information, please contact the Wild Garden Media Centre Coordinator.

Eco-Art and Media Festival
The Eco-Art and Media Festival is a remarkable showcase of multidisciplinary creative work done in FES and beyond. The festival is a time to celebrate and share diverse forms of creative expression intended to inspire reflection, engagement, dialogue and building of community among students, staff, faculty and alumni. The festival is developed and coordinated by the Wild Garden Media Centre team of GAs, staff, faculty and volunteers. All students are invited to participate. Watch for announcements in October/ November. For more information, please contact the Wild Garden Media Centre Coordinator .

Maloca Garden (located in the southwest corner of the York University campus)
Maloca Garden has official club status and is registered with the Office of Student Affairs. Along with its community building goals, Maloca strives to foster sustainable living practices (e.g. organic gardening, composting) and to create an environment for multicultural and intergenerational learning and sharing. Maloca provides significant environmental, educational, and social benefits, while creating a rare meditative space for the cooperative growing of nutritious foods.

York Academic and Support Services
In addition to the FES services and resources listed above, York offers a range of academic and support services and various campus services.