PhD in Environmental Studies

Welcome to the FES PhD program!

Environmental studies consider a range of environments: human bodies, physical structures, social and economic relationships, political, institutional and cultural practices, and the earth and its complex multitude of animals, flora and biophysical elements, relationships and processes. The Faculty adopts an interdisciplinary approach to environmental studies where the social sciences, humanities, arts and natural sciences meet and inform each other. The Faculty encourages the use of different theoretical approaches to explore environmental issues in their historical and comparative contexts, considering social, ecological, political and economic constraints and possibilities. We encourage exploration of how theoretical and practical matters intersect, and how reflexive, rigorous, critical and creative thinking can inform interpretations and policies.

Since the program was established in 1991, doctoral students in the Faculty of Environmental Studies have engaged with an extremely diverse array of environmental concerns and approaches related to natural, built, social, cultural, political, economic, organizational, spiritual, philosophical, literary and virtual ‘environments’. ‘Environment’ and ‘environmental studies’ are not static concepts but change over time with varying societal norms and understandings.

Our doctoral program follows three stages: the PhD program plan stage, the comprehensive examination stage and the dissertation stage.

PhD Handbook