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Zealley, John


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  • Year Entered: 2014

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    Dissertation Title

    This Is Not Art Therapy: Artistic Responses to the Biopolitics of HIV/AIDS

    Comprehensive Areas

    • Biopolitics and Sexuality
    • HIV/AIDS and Artistic Practice
    • Queer Ecologies and Spatialities


    Cate Sandilands, Honor Ford-Smith, John Greyson

    Supervisory Committee

    • Cate Sandilands
    • Honor Ford-Smith
    • John Greyson

    Previous Education

  • MFA, Disco Hospital: Safe and Sound (Interdisciplinary Art, Media, and Design/OCAD University)
  • Publications


    "Infecting Mbembe." In Studies In Social Justice (journal), 11(2). St. Catherines: Brock University Press. 2017.

    "Chalking It Up To Experience." In Any Other Way: How Toronto Got Queer. Toronto: Coach House Press. 2017.

    This Is Not Art Therapy, This Is Group Work. Toronto: Disco Hospital Books & Records, 2017. 

    Black Light District. Toronto: Disco Hospital Books & Records, 2015. 

    MFAIDS. Toronto: Disco Hospital Books & Records, 2015.

    The Earth of the Clinic. Toronto: Disco Hospital Books & Records, 2013.

    Faggots. Toronto: Disco Hospital Books & Records, 2013. 

    Themes and Variations: Select Film, Video, and Installation Musics 2005-2009. Houston: Tourette Records. 2009. 

    AA Bronson's School for Young Shamans. New York City: Media Guru. 2008.

    AA Bronson: Healer. New York City: Media Guru. 2004.

    Nature: This Is A Recording. Toronto: Art Metropole. 2006 

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