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Luther, Erin



  • Year Entered: 2010

    Student Info


    Deborah Barndt, John Sorenson, Leesa Fawcett

    Previous Education

  • B.A. Psychology, Bridgewater College, Virginia (1997)
  • MES faculty of Environmental Studies, York University (2007)
  • Publications


    Journal Articles:
    Tales of Cruelty and Belonging: In Search of an Ethic for Urban Human-Wildlife Relations.  Animal Studies Journal, 2013 (in press).

    Answering the Call of the Wild: A Hotline Operator’s Guide to Helping People and Wildlife. Toronto: Toronto Wildlife Centre.

    Services & Experience

    Services & Experience


    • Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council Doctoral Scholarship, 2012-2014
    • Vital People Grant (Toronto Community Foundation), 2011
    • Ontario Graduate Scholarship, 2011/12
    • Ontario Graduate Scholarship, 2006/97
    • Silverhill Institute Environmental Grant, 2006

    Conference & Presentations

    Conference & Presentations

    Conference Presentations

    Tales of Cruelty and Belonging: In Search of an Ethic for Urban Human-wildlife Relations.  Association of American Geographers (AAG) Annual Meeting, 2012. 

    Reimagining the Urban Wild.  Workshop, York Summer Institute on Art, Equity, and Environmental Education, 2011.

    Community Wildlife Education.  Association of Animal Shelter Administrators of Ontario Annual Meeting, 2011.

    Wildlife Education on the Front Lines.  National Wildlife Rehabilitators Association Conference, 2010.

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