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Killoran-McKibbin, Sonja



  • Year Entered: 2009

    Student Info

    Comprehensive Areas

    • Critical Development Theories
    • The International Aid Industry from Bretton Woods to the Millennium Development Goals
    • World Ecology and the Political Economy of Natural Resources

    Supervisory Committee

    • Anna Zalik (Chair)
    • Ilan Kapoor
    • Jennifer Hyndman (Geography)

    Previous Education

  • BA, English (Maj) and Latin American Studies (Ext. Min), Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, BC (2004)
  • MSc, Master’s Planning and the Political Economy of Development, Postgrado en Ciencias del Desarrollo. Universidad Mayor de San Andrés, La Paz, Bolivia (2009)
  • Publications


    • Killoran-McKibbin, S. 2010. “The Path from Cochabamba” in A. Sandberg and T. Sandberg (eds.). Climate Who's Carrying the Burden. Toronto: Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives.
    • Killoran-McKibbin, S. 2009. Logrando la eficacia de ayuda. Documento de Trabajo 5. La Paz: CIDES-UMSA.
    • Killoran-McKibbin, S. 2006. Cuba’s Urban Agriculture: Food Security and Urban Sustainability.Women and Environments International.
    • Killoran-McKibbin, S. 2005. Feasibility study: possibilities for agro-ecotourism in Havana, Cuba. Report for Lifecycles Project Society.(Report)

    Services & Experience

    Services & Experience

    Academic Service

    • 2010-Present Research Associate, Centre for Research on Latin America and the Caribbean
    • 2010 Coordinating Committee, CERLAC Graduate Student Conference
    • 2010 Coordinating Committee, PhD Research Matters FES Symposium
    • 2009-2010 PhD Student Representative, FES Research Committee, York University
    • 2007-2009 Class Representative, Planning and Political Economy of Development/ Postgrado en Ciencias del Desarrollo, Universidad Mayor de San Andrés
    • 2001-2004 Executive Member, Latin American Studies Student Union, Simon Fraser University
    • 2002 Faculty of Arts Representative, Simon Fraser Student Society
    • 2001-2002 Latin American Studies Department Representative, Simon Fraser Student Society

    Teaching Experience

    • 2012 ENVS 3800R Development In a Globalized World (Course Director)
    • 2010-13 ENVS 3340 Global Environmental Politics (TA), York University
    • 2009 ENVS 1200 Taking Action: Engaging people and the environment (TA), York University

    Conference & Presentations

    Conference & Presentations

    Conference Papers

    • 2010 Aiding Whom? Evaluating the Canada-Bolivia Hydrocarbon Project: 1989-2007. Congress of the Latin American Studies Association. Toronto, Ontario: October 6-10.
    • 2010 Towards a people’s movement: Cochabamba’s call for system change, not climate change. Inclusion Day. York University: October 6.
    • 2010 Unnatural resources: Resource-related aid in Bolivia. Conference of the Canadian Association for Latin American and Carribbean Studies. Concordia University. Montreal, Quebec: June 1-3.
    • 2010 Reflections from the World People’s Summit on Climate Change. Panel of the Sam Gindin Chair for Social Justice. Conference of the Society for Socialist Studies. Concordia University. Montreal, Quebec: May 31-June 1.
    • 2010 Moving towards socialism? An evaluation of the National Development Plan and the Plural Economy of the MAS Government in Bolivia. Historical Materialism Conference. York University. Toronto, Ontario: May 13-16.
    • 2010 Unnatural resources: Resource-related aid in Bolivia. Student research Day. Faculty of Environmental Studies. York University. Toronto, Ontario: April 12.
    • 2009 Redefiniendo la cooperación: el D.S. 29308 en Bolivia. Mesa de Relaciones Internacionales 5º Congreso de la Asociación de Estudios Bolivianos. Sucre, Bolivia: June 23-28.
    • 2009 Doing good for whom? Donor-recipient relationships in International Aid. Compassion, Complicity and Conciliation: The politics, cultures and economies of ‘doing good’. 9th Annual Critical Race and Anti-Colonial Studies Conference. Concordia and McGil
    • 2008 Striking the Aid Balance: the case of Bolivia. Paper presented with Silvia Gabriela Ruesgas Requena. Graduate Student Research Conference on Latin America and the Caribbean York University, Toronto, Ontario: November 7-8.# 2010 ENVS 3340 Global Envir

    Why FES?

    I chose FES because of its broad understanding of environment which affords me the ability to carry out truly interdisciplinary research. FES provides me with the flexibility to continue my research in Bolivia while offering the support of a larger university structure.