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Kaiser, Colleen



  • Year Entered: 2014

    Student Info

    Dissertation Title

    Operationalizing a polycentric approach to climate change governance: Climate policy integration and coherence in Ontario and California’s transportat

    Comprehensive Areas

    • Climate Change and Collective Action: A Polycentric Approach to Climate Governance
    • Environment and climate policy integration

    Supervisory Committee

    • Dr. Mark Winfield; Dr. Ellie Perkins; Dr. Justin Podur; Dr. Andrea Podhorsky

    Previous Education

  • MSc Environmental Policy and Regulation (London School of Economics)
  • Publications


    Services & Experience

    Services & Experience


    1. Enbridge Graduate Student Award [2014 – 2015]

      York University Faculty of Environmental Studies

      Charles Caccia Graduate Award [2013 – 2014]

      York University Faculty of Environmental Studies 

    Conference & Presentations

    Conference & Presentations

    Conference Presentations

    1. Research Methodology: Climate Policy Integration in Ontario and California’s Transportation Sector (2017)

    2. Joint Clean Climate Transport Research Partnership. Host: Université de Montréal; École Polytechnique, Montreal, Quebec

    3. "On the Importance of Sub-national Climate Governance" (2015)

      Host: York University Sustainable Energy Initiative. Introductory remarks providing academic framing around the discussion of cooperation on climate change and electricity system integration in Ontario and Quebec. 

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